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Start new relationships off right with oFlows.

Make the honeymoon last

You can attract people with a great product but, if it's hard to open an account, you’ll make a bad first impression and a pretty costly mistake. Interactions during the first 90 days greatly influence long-term profitability. With oFlows they'll love you from the start and you'll see it in your bottom-line.

Play easy to get

You want to leave applicants feeling good, but faxing documents is a pain. oFlows is smart - mobile device cameras launch automatically, at the right time, so applicants can take pictures of documents without ever leaving the application.

Be accessible

How do you design an application that looks great and works perfectly when there are so many ways to access it? oFlows lets you give applicants a great experience even when they're on tiny smartphone screens. oFlows is responsive so it works flawlessly on any device.

Avoid repetition

If you don't want applicants to quit, don't make them type so much. With oFlows, when customers and members apply from online banking, oFlows enters their information for them. Applicants can even apply for multiple products with the same application.

Impress them with your looks

Don’t settle for an application that looks like it was designed a decade ago. Pick one of our proven templates. You’ll get a modern application design that matches your brand and is optimized for speed. Customize it a little or a lot to get an application that’s as slick as you are.

Trusted by 500+ Banks & Credit Unions

"Online account openers are particularly desirable members because they tend to carry higher deposit balances and to borrow more readily than branch-oriented members."

Katy McCabe
Contact Center Manager, Consumers Credit Union

"Members who join online are 49 percent more profitable than those who enroll through traditional means. They maintain a higher loan-to-share ratio of 467 percent versus the 120 percent of traditional enrollees."

Mary O'Rourke
Chief Information Officer, Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union

"The best way to differentiate ourselves is through superior customer service. Our choice of Andera enables us to do that, and by eliminating paper from the account opening process, it saves both time for our staff and customers and money for the bank."

Preston L. Kennedy
President and CEO, Bank of Zachary

"We chose Andera because of its adaptability and underlying authentication capabilities. It is just what we were looking for to enable online account opening. The capabilities of oFlows transform a website into a branch location."

Phil Travaglini
CEO, Boeing Helicopters Credit Union

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