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Superior liquidity management

A centralised, multi-banking platform for an exact understanding of your cash position by aggregating statements, approved payments 
and forecasted adjustments

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Working capital optimisation

Automation of consolidated cash position calculations - in any reference currency - enables surplus balances to be optimised and supports cost reduction by eliminating manual effort

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Simplified business processes

Automated management and transformation of all data flows, in all formats, for enhanced compliance, risk and control

What Bottomline Cash Manager can do for you

Cash Position Calculation

Cash position calculation

Cash positions are calculated by aggregating approved payments with comprehensive statement data. This includes manually keyed or automatically imported forecasted adjustments, up to five days ahead, for a more accurate and very near real-time view of the liquidity position
across the organisation.

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Automated Sweeping
and Pooling

Automated sweeping
and pooling

The platform enables dynamic cash optimisation strategies by automating sweeping and pooling of cash balances according to a hierarchy of accounts, minimum or target bank balances and minimum transfer balances for optimal liquidity management. The entire process can be automated or use authorisation workflows to ensure compliance. Positions can be managed in near real time to make proactive funding decisions such as pre-funding accounts, saving time, minimising costs and optimising use of positive balances.

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Multi-connectivity options

Multi-connectivity options

Bottomline’s ability to support multi-connectivity requirements for all payment and statement types and formats is vital for automated cash management. The platform supports any file format and any connectivity requirement, with automated data enrichment and transformation capabilities.

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Secure administration

Secure administration

Full user profiles can be created and administered within the platform with varying permissions according to profiles, access rights and functional entitlements such as authorisation limits and ability to create manual cash transfers. Effective segregation of duty for worldwide users ensure secure approvals, verification and exception workflow using MFA, for the highest standards of security and control.

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Real-time monitoring and control

Real-time monitoring
and control

The real-time dashboard enables complete visibility over cash and the flexibility to create bespoke intelligence reports. Detailed monitoring of payments and statements at a granular level drives a better understanding of the cash position at all times.

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Most organisations do not have centralised visibility over cash in their bank accounts

The Bottomline Cash Manager provides treasurers with a centralised cash position platform for real-time visibility over statements and payments enabling superior cash
and liquidity management.

Bottomline Cash Manager

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