Bottomline embraces new technologies, API’s and machine learning capabilities to help financial institutions deliver new services and experiences to customers, quickly and cost effectively

  • Innovative aggregation technology to connect to global payment networks, schemes and counterparties
  • End-to-end transaction lifecycle management: data transformation, tracking storage and analytics
  • Access to a range of pioneering overlay services to grow your business
  • State-of-the-art fraud protection, compliance and risk management tools
  • Strategic partnerships delivering new services that strengthen your competitive positions
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Bottomline ranked best-in-class for
vendor stability.

Bottomline ranks best in class for Vendor Stability in Aite-Noverica Group’s Matrix Evaluation of Payment Hub Vendors 

“This is due to footprint, servicing, time in the market, percent of recurring revenue, and positive feedback and ratings from extensive client reference inputs.”

The report compares leading payment vendors’ offerings and strategies, recognizing specific vendors for their strengths in critical areas to help financial institutions select new technology partners.

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Universal Aggregator IQ (UAIQ) – A modern global SaaS platform to meet customer & market demands  

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Universal Aggregator IQ

Universal Aggregator IQ

Single SaaS API enabled platform for payments, securities and messaging

Payments and Cash Aggregator

Payments and Cash Aggregator

Cash Positioning, Liquidity Management

Securities Aggregator

Securities Aggregator

Securities Management & Settlement (SRD II & CSDR)

Messaging and Connectivity Aggregator

Messaging and Connectivity Aggregator

Part of a messaging ecosystem that offers aggregated services for message processing, monitoring and interconnection of global networks & schemes and direct bank connectivity

Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics

Operational efficiency and business insight

Fraud & Financial Crime Management

Fraud & Financial Crime Management

Risk Management (CoP, Sanctions Screening Services, SWIFT CSP, Internal Fraud)


  • Payments & Cash Aggregator – Part of a digital payments ecosystem that offers aggregated payment services for connectivity, processing, monitoring & screening, both in near and real time over multiple rails that leverages hybrid integration models, including open banking e.g. SWIFT Connectivity, PaaS, Payments Orchestration, Intelligent Routing, Statement Management
  • Messaging & Connectivity Aggregator – Part of a messaging ecosystem that offers aggregated services for message processing, monitoring and interconnection of global networks & schemes and direct bank connectivity e.g. UKFP, SEPA Inst, SIC 5 & SIC Instant Payments, SWIFT gpi, VISA B2B Connect, Bacs (Connectivity) & ISO 20022 (Messaging)
  • Securities Aggregator – A digital securities ecosystem that offers a consolidated control of the settlement lifecycle (incl. CSDR), an improved visibility and management on corporate actions notifications (incl. SRD II), and flexible golden copies creation from market data.  
  • Fraud & Financial CrimeAn integrated solution that provide end-to-end financial crime, protection & compliance maintenance to reduce risk e.g Sanctions Screening Services, SWIFT CSP, Confirmation of Payee
  • Data & Analytics – Leverage transactions data to track key indicators, to improve transparency and data visualisation, and to build predictions, insights & analysis from real time data e.g. Operational efficiency & business insight via open banking

Download Fact Sheet  VISIT UAIQ SOLUTION

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The value for customers coming on the FM journey

BT data representation 20


Extended access to global markets and services through multiple clearing, networks and gateways in one platform

BT security fraud & risk 158

Digital Transfomation

Explore and consume micro-services via sandbox and APIs by filling the gap of legacy Core bank Systems (old tech, on prem, heavy and expensive to operate and maintain) 

BT process & representation 119


Single unified user interface with access to enhanced functional and straight through processing

BT documentation & messaging 55

Compliance and fraud protection

Secure, protected and compliance with regulation, legal mandatory requirements across the globe

BT currency & payments 96


Lower TCO with no IT and infrastructure cost

Bottomline Financial Messaging

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15% international cross border traffic

swiss flag

Top 3 SWIFT service bureau globally

uk flag

10M payments and transactions processed daily by our SaaS services

About Financial Messaging

Bottomline makes business payments simple, smart and secure for businesses and financial institutions, of all sizes, all over the world. Our Banking & Financial Institution solutions are recognised and trusted by 600+ customers in 92 countries, across 6 continents for SaaS-enabled payments, securities, connectivity and messaging. Our connectivity solutions leverage multiple domestic and cross-border payment networks and schemes with a track record of success. This connectivity includes SWIFT, UK Faster Payments, SEPA-INST for TIPS, SIC 5 Instant Payments, Bacs, Six, EBICS, Visa and others to enable our clients to deliver added value to their customers.  

As one of the top SWIFT service bureaus globally, we manage 15% of all international cross-border traffic. Our global experience and expertise for financial messaging and ISO 20022 implementation includes message translation, validation, transformation, intelligent routing, orchestration and integration.  

In total 10M payments and transactions are processed daily by our Secure Managed Services. Overall, our solutions enable financial institutions and corporations to achieve lower costs, speed to market, greater security and improved risk management, while avoiding the costly internal infrastructure and software updates for legacy on-premise solutions. 


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video time: 04:02 video title: Key Benefits

Bottomline also leverages our GT Suite solutions as overlays:

The Future of Competitive Advantage in Banking & Payments Sibos Panel Session

Listen to Bottomline, Swift, Zanders, Payments Canada and Banque Cantonale de Geneve as they discuss the latest trends and pain points impacting banks & financial institutions in 2023 and beyond. This session also leverages key data from our third annual global benchmarking survey with feedback from over 500  banks & FIs, to understand how financial insitutions are prioritising their digital payments transformation strategies.

L L Sibos session

Watch the recordings below:

Don’t just take our word for how we can transform your strategy

Explore various customer use cases that demonstrate how Universal Aggregator IQ has impacted our customers digital payments transformation strategy. 

Kiatnakin Customer Success Story

“Bottomline’s Universal Aggregator IQ has provided an opportunity for us to improve operational resilience, overcome regulatory compliance challenges and scale up quickly to address evolving changes in the market.”

- Yuwadee Tangdenchai, Senior Vice President – Investment Support System

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“Bottomline helped us achieve our objectives successfully. With effective project management, Bottomline was able to deliver the agreed business requirements within the BSP deadline, in fact, way ahead of the BSP deadline.”

- Rodel Garcia, Head of the Fund Transfer Department

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EastWest Customer Success Story
Paragon Customer Success Story

“The cooperation between Paragon and Bottomline was excellent – what you would expect from a partnership.”

- Paul Pahil, Head of Finance Operations

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“DGB Bank PLC (DGB) is implementing a new core banking system. Due to the tight timelines, as well as previous difficulties in becoming a SWIFT member, we chose to outsource to Bottomline. The experience of onboarding to Bottomline’s hosted Universal Aggregator solution was straightforward, quick and seamless with the great assistance of the Bottomline project team to help with queries and the end-to-end process. The solution, alongside Bottomline’s Secure Payments, allows us to focus on the bank’s core business operations, whilst minimizing the risk of payment fraud.”

- Sieng Kimhong, Chief Information Officer

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DGB Bank Customer Success Story
BMCE Customer Success Story

“BMCE Bank International are a long-standing client of Bottomline’s and are very pleased with the service we have been provided with for several years now. The level of governance and regular interaction the bank has with Bottomline ensures a close working relationship and that we are kept updated with the latest payment and industry developments."

- Colin Janes, Head of IT

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