Bottomline's Statement Manager helps you

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Better manage cash position

View all your accounts on one platform

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Reduce cost

Automation helps free resources to focus on higher-value activities

BT security fraud & risk 171

Protect against fraud

Easy to retrieve cash positions from diverse bank accounts

What Bottomline's Statement Manager can do

Statement Manager delivers a secure, centralised channel to automate and manage the end-to-end process from bank to ERP through a reconciliation and treasury management system. Our solution enables better decision making and proactive enterprise financial management.


Multi-connectivity options

Receives, downloads and routes statements in all formats using the most widely used connectivity methods. Direct SWIFT access via our bureau or BIC as a Service, indirect access for corporates wanting to leverage the SWIFT network without the cost or overhead of SWIFT membership for End of Day MT940 statements. API for Open Banking and secure FTP connectivity.

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BIC as a service

BIC as a service

Bottomline's own regulated Business Identifier Code (BIC) enables the sending and receiving of SWIFT messages so you do not need to go through the complexities of joining SWIFT. 

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Error detection

Intelligent error detection

Identification of common errors such as missing, out of sync pages or corrupt data. Automated controls guarantee integrity of information whilst increasing the speed and efficiency of treasury operations. A ‘health indicator’ provides instant visibility over the status of intraday and end of day statements using a red/green traffic light system.

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Consolidated cash position

Consolidated cash position

A real-time view of the consolidated cash position in a chosen currency. Supporting multiple currencies, multiple accounts per bank, branch or country and different business units, corporates can pinpoint and proactively act on areas of potential risk or exposure.

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Simple user experience

Simple user experience

A consolidated dashboard provides a simple but informative user experience. From which statements can be downloaded in PDF and CSV format and exported allowing easy integration with accounting, treasury or reconciliation systems. Reports can be emailed across the organisation that cover which statements have been successfully received or have issues.

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Behavioural Monitoring

Secure access

Secure access

Secure access is controlled via multi-factor authentication (MFA). Flexible administration and easy segregation of duty ensures robust and secure access controls.

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How much money do you have and where is it?

Most organisations do not have centralised visibility over cash in their bank accounts. Only 44% of corporates have daily visibility into 100% of bank accounts. Bottomline Statement Manager provides treasurers with greater visibility, efficiency, security and accuracy in order to better manage cash flow.

Bottomline Statement Manager

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