Stay competitive in an ever-changing payments landscape

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Digitize Treasury Management

Automated tracking and control over your payments and accounts

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Multi-network access and interoperability between standards

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Efficiency and speed

View of balances and transactions for cash flow control at any time

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One secure platform with compliance assurance and fraud protection


More than a quarter of global cash is not visible to the corporate treasury on a daily basis.

Source: PWC 2019 Global Treasury Benchmarking Survey

The Bottomline difference

Economic complexity, corporate growth and new banking relationships mean your treasury systems and payment infrastructures need to be agile. They must scale, consolidate fragmented data sources and present information in real-time in order to drive the most appropriate and timely action for optimising working capital.

Bottomline delivers an unrivaled agility to digitize the end-to-end treasury function and absorb evolving payment environments whilst maintaining visibility and control.

  • Global payments network connectivity
  • Scalable technology supports corporate growth and easy adoption of new payments technology
  • Real-time access to balances and transactions means accurate global cash flow and forecasting
  • Operational insight from a single integrated view of payment flows
  • Real-time reconciliation drives fast remediation where needed
  • User and transaction monitoring provides the highest levels of proactive
    fraud protection
  • Complementary treasury management functionality that is scalable and modular-based to suit your needs




Treasury Management

Bottomline TreasuryXpress, an enterprise-level, on-demand treasury management solution (TMS), gives treasurers a way to strategically and accurately manage their cash, liquidity and working capital. The solution’s smart visualizations and dashboard module makes it easy to access key financial data and share reports with stakeholders.

Eliminate manual processes and improve control throughout all stages of treasury management – with speed, efficiency and scalability.

Cash Postition Calculation

Statement manager

Bottomline Statement Manager

The widespread availability of electronic bank statements, new regulations, Open Banking directives and increasing globalisation of trade has created both opportunities and challenges for corporates looking to optimise cash flow for funding day-to-day operations, reduce costs and support business expansion.

Bottomline Statement Manager gets to the heart of what any treasury manager needs to know:
How much money do you have and where is it?

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Payment manager

Bottomline Payment Manager

Bottomline Payment Manager provides an effective solution to the centralised visibility and control required by finance managers. An integrated hub empowers users to view the status of all payments and take the necessary action to ensure seamless execution and reduce risk of fraud.

Real Time Payments Illustration

Cash manager

Bottomline Cash Manager

Bottomline Cash Manager provides an effective solution to the centralised visibility and control required by treasury managers. It aggregates the status of all payment flows from Bottomline Payment Manager and up-to-date cash balances from Bottomline Statement Manager. This enables an accurate, complete and real-time view of visibility across the organisation for more effective cash management and working capital optimisation.

Statement Manager Consolidated Cash Management Illustration


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