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with cross-channel protection of your most critical payment types and applications

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by detecting and acting with technology including machine learning and transaction blocking

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using integrated, rich visualisation
and forensic tools

Why Bottomline's Secure Payments?

The 2nd highest area of cyber fraud criminal activity commonly involves phishing attempts or other malware being installed onto company servers or software with the intent of stealing sensitive data.

Source: 2019 Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey Report

What Bottomline's secure payments solution can do for you

Whether it is one business-critical application, channel and payment type, or a variety, our highly flexible and extensible platform delivers proven protection against payment fraud. Secure Payments supports a broad range of applications (banking platforms, payment hubs, service bureaus, ERPs) channels (online and offline) and payment types: SWIFT Financials, FileAct, SEPA, SIC4, ACH, Fedwire, Check, ISO20022 and ISO8583.


Real-Time blocking options

Real-time blocking options

Real-time transaction blocking is a crucial business tool to prevent financial losses in transit, interdicting the transaction and alerting investigators for review where necessary. A report and remedial action after the fact is already too late. Ensure that emerging payment channels maintain the necessary transaction controls for managing network requirements.

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Behavioural monitoring

Behavioural monitoring

Understands normal transaction patterns and user activity; identifies novel activity, or unusually high counts or amounts based on past behaviour, profiles or advanced analytics. Identifies high-risk activity before additional fraud can take place.

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Configurable case workflow

Configurable case workflow

Consolidates alerts, guides investigations with required actions and escalations, and visually identifies all associations and relationships between accounts with hyperlinks to aid investigations and resolve cases completely inside one solution.

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Search and replay capabilities

Search and replay capabilities

Gives insights into what actually occurred – gives investigators greater detail into what happened, so a decision can be made without impacting the customer.

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Machine learning

Machine learning

Discovers previously unknown anomalies; enhances rules engine to reduce false positives; learns and updates continuously by applying new analytics technologies to process monitoring.

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All financial organisations are threatened by the prospect of payment fraud, both internally and externally. With so much at stake, vigilance is a given, and as such, companies operating in the financial sector are legally required to take the necessary steps to protect themselves.

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