With 34% of all corporations originating payments with six or more banks, and 56% using three+ currencies, it would seem complexity is unavoidably built into today’s domestic and international payments landscape. The solution lies in the flexibility, simplicity and SaaS-based architecture which has already achieved results at several of Bottomline’s banking customers. In addition to streamlined processes and controls in real-time, it also delivered accurate and compliant audits without any effort or manual intervention. However, at a time when a multitude of ‘change requests’ are hitting desks, I understand that it is vital for decision-makers like yourself within operations & treasury to take a step back and ask critical questions before they build, partner or buy anything. 

Aggregated Payment Services:  

Connectivity, Processing, Monitoring & Screening

Bottomline Cash Manager

Bottomline Cash Manager

Centralised cash position platform to support accurate, real-time cash and liquidity management that enables secure, flexible and smart financial management through:

A centralised multi-banking platform for an exact understanding of your cash position by aggregating statements, approved payments and forecasted adjustments

More effective cash and liquidity management decision making using secure, automatic Sweeping and Pooling across any combination of accounts

Automatic management and transformation of all data flows irrespective of format, connectivity and source for enhanced compliance, risk and control

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Bottomline Payments Manager

Bottomline Payments Manager

Bottomline Payments Manager

Centralised payment and collection hub for real time visibility and control that enables secure, agile and smarter financial management through:

Automated and centralised management of the end to end payment life cycle from any source, including manual payments, using multi network, multi connectivity to all banks and counter parties

Secure, flexible user access with full Segregation of Duty and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enhances risk and fraud control

Real time payment life cycle monitoring allows actionable intervention such as repair and resubmit payments along with standard comprehensive audit and compliance reporting

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Bottomline Statement Manager

Bottomline Statement Manager

Bottomline Statement Manager

Real time monitoring of bank statement integrity with consolidated visibility over cash that enables smarter, faster and adaptive financial management through:

A single centralised platform for consolidating bank statements reducing complexity, cost and risk

Automated and secure processes for obtaining statements, and retrieving cash positions from diverse bank accounts

Bank and format agnostic data routing and transformation

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payments cash aggregator mediatext

Payments Orchestrator or Payments as a Service

A payments & cash service in a box, composed of modules adaptable to each offer. Provide a wide range of business functionalities. Help meeting customer expectations through digitalisation, single UI, automated controls and easy integration. A modular approach to fill the gaps between new requirements like instant payments and legacy systems

Intelligent Routing and Processing


Payments Orchestrator

A full payment engine that can process any type of payment in any format.

Reduce complexity of maintaining multiple systems, accelerate the provision of payments services to improve profitability and to transition to digitalisation while reducing cost of operations.

Payment Level Services

Direct Integration with the Universal Aggregator

Single integrated User Interface

Interface and Gateway Agnostic

Business Level Payment Life Cycle management

Validation and verification

Real time monitoring

Intelligent routing, traffic control & prioritisation

Workflows, limits & controls

Centralised processing multiple schemes & geographies

ISO 20022 native



Are you a Corporate interested in Treasury Management Systems?

Corporates can leverage our real-time treasury solution to deepen financial intelligence, optimize cash and liquidity, automate processes, and protect against fraud.

From real-time, dynamic cash visibility and reconciliation to liquidity optimization and secure payments management, our solution makes it easy for treasury teams to automate, simplify, and scale critical financial functions for real-time treasury management.

Leveraging Bottomline's real-time treasury solutions allows corporates to easily aggregate, access, and analyze the key financial data required to make informed decisions that move the company forward both operationally and strategically.


Are you a Bank that is interested in providing cash management to your corporate customers?

Our treasury solution can be white labelled to your internal bank systems…


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"Bottomline's Universal Aggregator IQ has provided an opportunity for us to improve operational resilience, overcome regulatory compliance challenges and scale up quickly to address evolving changes in the market."

- Narongrit Promfai, Vice President - Investment/ Core Banking System, Kiatnakin Phatra Bank

Don’t just take our word for how we can transform your strategy

Explore various customer use cases for how Bottomline Financial Messaging Universal Aggregator IQ has impacted their institution:

“We chose Bottomline’s Payments & Cash Aggregator, PCA, as the product was well suited to support our digital payment transformation. PCA has enabled us to mature our payments infrastructure to deliver the service our customers expect. We are now in a better position to manage the growth we are seeing in payment volumes whilst reducing operational risk and improving resilience.”

-Robin Jeffery, Director of Transformation, Hampshire Trust Bank

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HTB success story in page
Paragon Customer Success Story

“The cooperation between Paragon and Bottomline was excellent – what you would expect from a partnership.”

- Paul Pahil, Head of Finance Operations

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It is vital for decision-makers to ask questions before they build, partner or buy anything.

The problem is that with this abundance of thought leadership, how can you ensure that you choose the right advice on how to make the best choice for your institution that guarantees speed-to-market in an already busy roadmap?

These tips and five best practices will help you engage and succeed in your digital transformation strategy.

How to Leverage SaaS Platforms & Hybrid Integration Models

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In our 2021 global research report The Future of Competitive Advantage in Payments & Banking* legacy systems, lack of operation efficiency and interoperability between internal systems were identified as the top 3 challenges being faced with current payments infrastructure. Does this resonate with your pain points?

5 best practices that will help you engage and succeed in your digital transformation strategy.

  1. Enabling central connectivity to multiple payment rails options - 55% of banks and FIs said that adopting new payment rails were their top priority in the next 12 months*
  2. Building centralised automation tools that prevent fraud and/or friction - 38% said that mitigating fraud risk was one of their top priorities over the next 12 months*
  3. Embracing regulatory changes, mandatory deadlines and requirements - 64% of banks and FIs said that RegTech would be more important than ever over the next 12 months*
  4. Leveraging data and analytics - when asked which areas of the treasury process are currently automated to their satisfaction, only 30% said cash flow forecasting and 27% liquidity planning*
  5. Championing innovation - 64% of banks and FIs said digital transformation was the biggest focus for them at the moment, yet 26% said they were sceptical or highly sceptical of their current strategy*


Read our supporting article - How banks & FIs can overcome digital payments transformation issues through SaaS

Who would have thought operations in banking and payments would become such a hot topic? However, operations and related efficiencies are moving at an unprecedented pace, even more so with the increase in the digitalisation of payments emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic and the demand from customers to be ‘always-on'.

* 2021 Global Report: The Future of Competitive Advantage in Payments & Banking
Take the benchmarking survey yourself and see how you measure up against your competition.

311 banking & FI players across Treasury, Fraud, Operations, Product & C-Level in 34 countries globally including - 8.4% United States, 10.5% UK, 3.2% Cambodia, 2.10% Germany, 6.3% India, 3.2% Israel, 14.7%, Malaysia, 5.3% The Netherlands, 5.3% Singapore, 5.3% Switzerland, 4.2% Thailand

Universal Aggregator IQ

Universal Aggregator IQ

Single SaaS API enabled platform for payments, securities and messaging

Fraud and Financial Crime Management

Fraud and Financial Crime Management

CoP, Watchlist Screening, SWIFT CSP, Internal Fraud

Securities Aggregator

Securities Aggregator

Securities Management & Settlement (SRD II & CSDR)

Messaging and Connectivity Aggregator

Messaging and Connectivity Aggregator

Part of a messaging ecosystem that offers aggregated services for message processing, monitoring and interconnection of global networks & schemes and direct bank connectivity

Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics

Operational efficiency and business insight



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