A day doesn’t go by without another data breach making the news.

Whether the breach involves a bank employee routing payments to a personal account, a corporation’s systems being taken over by a criminal group, or patients’ personal health information getting stolen from a healthcare provider, cybersecurity is a major challenge for every industry.

The level of sophistication in cyber attacks is constantly increasing, as is their financial impact. The blunt truth is, traditional security solutions such as intrusion prevention and log analyzers are not enough to defend against these threats.

Developing a stronger security posture

Bottomline’s Fraud and Financial Crime Management solutions allow organizations to monitor user activity proactively, react to alerts in real-time, and remediate threats initiated by both external hackers and malicious insiders. The combination of capabilities provides a vital line of defense for a stronger security posture.

This first-of-its-kind cross-platform surveillance system delivers unparalleled visibility of end-user activity in corporate applications across the entire enterprise.

Security officers, fraud investigators and internal auditors can leverage the Fraud and Financial Crime Management solution to achieve critical outcomes such as:

Improved case management

Suspicious events can be investigated utilizing a user-friendly web-based interface, empowering investigators to better manage and document the investigation process. All information relevant to an alert, case, or profile can be compiled in a single consolidated view with flexible drilldown options for each related entity.

Implementing Bottomline's Fraud and Financial Crime Management solutions is simple. Implementation requires no change to the organizational infrastructure, no overhead costs, and no performance degradation on servers, networks or clients. It’s security – made easy.

Real-time behavior tracking

End-user behavior can be tracked across applications, channels, and platforms, whether located on a mainframe or in the cloud. The behavior is then profiled by a powerful analytics engine which correlates activities to generate real-time alerts on suspicious events. With the ability to work across various channels (e.g., call centers, eBanking, ACH, checks, medical records, etc.), Bottomline Technologies provides businesses with much-needed agility to stay ahead of today’s fast-moving threat environment.

Enhanced visibility

The system captures a detailed audit trail, allowing complete visibility into end-user activity via a visual replay of every screen, keystroke, and flow of screens in core business applications. Using Google-like search capabilities, investigators can search for exact user activities, enabling compliance with GLBA, HIPAA, PCI and other regulations that require an audit trail to demonstrate access to sensitive customer data.


Security for Every Industry

Our fraud and risk management solutions efficiently alert security and compliance teams in all industries to unscrupulous behavior:

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As banking practices continue to shift to an online model, financial institutions must not only battle the fraud schemes that have been prevalent for years, but they must also protect their customer-facing portals against Man-in-the-Middle and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Tailored for financial institutions, Bottomline can help detect these schemes through Insider Fraud, Check Fraud, and Web Fraud & Security solutions.

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The healthcare industry has quickly become a top target for cyber-attacks. Healthcare providers house more personal identifiable information than any other type of organization, and this data is a gold mine to potential thieves. In addition, providers have the added pressure of staying compliant with government regulations such as HIPAA and HITECH. Bottomline’s Healthcare Privacy and Data Security solution ensures patient privacy and enables compliance by keeping highlysensitive patient records protected from internal and external threats.

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Corporations in all industries face numerous challenges in their efforts to maintain a secure network. From securing an ERP system to mitigating the risk of payment fraud, businesses need a strong line of defense against emerging cyber threats. Bottomline’s Accounts Payable Fraud, Insider Fraud, and Web Fraud and Security solutions help businesses create a robust security posture by detecting malicious behavior as soon as it is initiated.

Bottomline Fraud and Financial Crime Management solutions

Payment fraud 

Detect and prevent a wide variety of payment fraud schemes

User behavior monitoring

Hold authorized users accountable, investigate, suspicious behavior, respond in real-time and prevent the next crime using a cross-platform "surveillance system".

Insider fraud

Detect, stop and track suspicious activity of insiders in real-time.

Compliance monitoring and management

Manage compliance with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA/HITECH and Basel II-III/Solvency.

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