As remote and hybrid working cements itself as the new business norm, workplaces continue to offer employees remote access to business-critical systems, making the protection of your organization from internal threats more important than ever. Our Insider and Employee Fraud solution monitors and captures real-time user behavior across business applications to quickly detect outlier activity to prevent insider attacks and improve investigation success.

Bottomline's Insider and Employee Fraud solution is purpose-built for today's threat landscape by recognizing anomalous behavior patterns to determine who are high-risk employees without compromising employee privacy, which is essential as people continue to work remotely.

Our solution detects and stores all user activity across business-critical systems and applications in real-time. To help you shift from reactive traditional audit log processes to proactive behavioral analytics, which preempts fraud and data leakages.

Our single user-friendly platform offers screen-by-screen record and replay of all employee activity by sniffing the network traffic between the end-users and the main servers to provide a complete picture of employee behavior.

In addition, all captured data is stored in one centralized place and is immediately analyzed. The results are presented in easy to understand dashboards, reports and charts, reducing investigation time.

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