Stay competitive in a new digital landscape

BT documentation & messaging 49

Reduce complex
document creation

Eliminate the need for complex programming skills through simple formatting and automation of common manual tasks

BT documentation & messaging 42

Fast and efficient
document processing

Use automation and personalisation to increase efficiency, reduce costs and enrich the customer experience

BT action 88

Total transparency

Magnify insight into document delivery, interaction and value to drive prioritisation and response

BT security fraud & risk 160

Secure and compliant

Automate document compliance and auditability to meet compliance and legal requirements

Why Change?

34% of companies surveyed said that they would be focusing their digital transformation efforts on their accounting and finance functions.

Source: AIIM 2019 State of the Industry Report on Content Services

Explore Bottomline's document output management solutions

Tightly integrate with this powerful enhancement to Microsoft Dynamics, delivering specialist document creation and distribution tools.

Automate, digitise and transform financial processes, to maximise the value from your financial documents and extend the capabilities of your Microsoft ERP.

Branded documents

Branded documents

Create accurate and professional branded business documents.

Make your invoices, shipping documents and remittance advices instantly recognisable, presenting information in a clear, logical format.

The intuitive interface empowers even non-technical staff to design forms and create accurate and professional branded business documents.

Substitute native SSRS coding and apply external data and eSignatures for more complete communications.

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Document collaboration

Document collaboration

Enable greater collaboration and better relationships between internal and external senders and recipients of documents via the cloud.

A secure self-service document repository enables easy access and fast document retrieval.

Collaborative interaction capabilities help bring a faster resolution to document queries delivering significant savings compared to managing issues over the telephone.

Implement online approvals and electronic signatures workflow with email notifications to speed up processing.

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Customised delivery

Customised delivery

Delivery preferences increase the consumption and processing of financial documents.

Automatic distribution with a choice of format and delivery options such as postal, email, fax, PDF and phone, based on individual preference.

Enables users to print directly to any physical printer in any location and monitor and control all print jobs as they are processed.

Segregates administrator, designer and producer roles and controls information access and delivery.

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Automated storage and archiving

Automated storage and archiving

Secure, compliant storage of processed documents with easy retrieval.


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Intelligent analytics

Intelligent analytics

A powerful dashboard provides visibility and insight to help accelerate your cash collection or procurement processes and differentiate your service levels.

Intelligent analytics offer real-time insights into the consolidated value and volume of financial documents awaiting processing with external parties, helping to reduce key metrics such as aged debt and DSO.

Track and trace capabilities deliver visibility on how recipients interact with your transactional documents and highlight items at risk, enabling you to act swiftly on delivery failures and unopened emails.

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ERP integration

ERP integration

Flexible deployment options and integration into Microsoft AX or D365 to deliver seamless communication and workflows of financial documents. Many clients implement document management as part of an ERP upgrade

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