Stay competitive in an ever-changing landscape

Driving accountability in the fight against fraud.

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Quickly detect suspicious activity

Use machine learning and profiling to detect inconsistent behavioural patterns and create real time alerts

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Increase visibility for proactive organisational security

Combine data from multiple systems and analyse to find new patterns, test new rules and respond to new attacks

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Reduce investigation time and improve results

Record, document and replay suspicious behaviour for effective case management

Why Bottomline's Insider and Employee Fraud solution?

74% of banks are concerned about insider fraud and collusion risks to their organisation and 77% agree that employees working from home has increased the risk of insider fraud and data leakages.

Read More here Source: 2021 Business Payments Barometer

What makes us different?

Developed from Bottomline's proven expertise in payment processes and associated risks        

Out of the box integration to all payment systems with short implementation times

Highly scalable - we can cover massive amounts of transaction volume accurately with no performance lags

Cross channel monitoring - we help you to block fraudsters who move across channels and organisational silos to succeed in their attacks

Machine learning - we combine supervised and unsupervised methods for a more cost effective way to find anomalies

Faster investigations - we make AI and machine learning work for you even if you lack data scientists

What Bottomline's insider and employee fraud solutions can do for you

By gaining true visibility into user behaviour, as well as transaction monitoring, you are adding a critical layer of defense against fraud occurring in your organisation.

Cross-channel data collection

Cross-channel data collection

  • Capture all user behaviour in real-time across all vital systems
  • Provide protection for both external threats in which user credentials have been compromised and internal threats from authorised users
  • Act on suspicious behaviour as it occurs as system alerts are created based on business rules
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Single platform

Single platform

A single user-friendly, web-based interface presents the results of the analysed information in dashboards, reports and charts, combining information from performance events, suspicious fraud events and alerts. 

No re-keying of information needed from your alert system into your case system as they are on the same system and fully integrated.

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Data collection and alerts

Data collection and alerts

Collect information in a variety of ways from databases, data warehouses, log files and other sources in real-time and batch. Data captured is stored in one centralised repository and is immediately analysed, creating alerts and reports as defined by the business rule engine.

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Proactive insights

Proactive insights

Analyse your rich repository of data and test new rules to enhance and sharpen monitoring capabilities.

Use the intelligence the system gathers to identify new patterns and preempt crime, data leakage and theft before it happens.

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Proving accountability

Proving accountability

Extend behaviour monitoring to provide robust case management. Combine the video replay capabilities with further analysis and audit for uncompromising evidence of employee accountability.

Standardise investigations by applying consistent methodologies across the organisation, resulting in increased productivity and greater effectiveness in combating crime.

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Track Behavior, Safeguard User Privacy and Protect Against Fraud in Real-Time

Record and Replay Solution Simulator

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Cyber threats are increasingly aggressive, complex and frequent

57% of fraud is perpetrated by, or in conjunction with, authorized users inside the organization – but without sufficient user behaviour monitoring, organisations are missing a critical layer of insider threat management.

Source: PwC’s 2020 Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey

Insider and Employee Fraud

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