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The Shareholder Rights Directive II 

SRD II (The Shareholders Rights Directive II) is one of the most important regulatory changes in European corporate financial governance for many years. SRD II compliance extends beyond the EU, its impact extends globally to all organisations that manage shares in an EU based country.

Therefore, it is vital to fully understand if your organisation is in scope and the steps needed in order to comply.

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Central Securities Depositories Regulation

Being applicable since 2017, CSDR is now reaching its last phase with the Settlement Discipline Regime (SDR), a key regulatory element of CSDR, coming into force in February 2022. The Settlement Discipline Regime aims to increase the safety and efficiency of securities settlements within the EU.

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The volume of trades has dramatically increased in the last decade and assets under management (AUM) are predicted to grow at a mammoth 72% by 2025.

Source: PwC report: Asset & Wealth Management Revolution

What makes us different?

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Bottomline is uniquely positioned to offer financial institutions flexibility, agility and faster time to market, with our innovative and intuitive technology.

Helping to keep you compliant in the old and new world of asset classes whilst maximising profitability by absorbing unnecessary overheads, so you can focus on providing the best service to your clients.

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Our securities management solution provides end-to-end visibility over the securities settlement process, built from scalable solutions which, when combined, offers invaluable and competitive insights to help financial institutions stand out in the ever-changing landscape.



Connect to a powerful, scalable and high-performance financial messaging hub.

Bottomline supports high volume and complex message flows from multiple counterparts to deliver control and transparency to private banks around the world. By harmonising disparate systems, we help create an agnostic and seamless connection to a wide range of financial messaging networks such as SWIFT, CREST, SECOM and FIX which interacts with the broader ecosystem.

Reduce costs and increase transparency with a single view of multiple financial networks

Stay compliant with the latest financial networks including APIs and DLT

Increase security with Secure Payments monitoring and Sanctions filtering

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Increase transparency and take control with an accurate snapshot of reconciliations 'at risk.'

Our market-leading reconciliation solution delivers real-time reconciliation and exception management for all business lines. SWIFT Certified Application for Reconciliation works in harmony with your existing systems and processes to achieve measurable efficiency results. By understanding ‘at risk’ securities, payments, and FX reconciliations, financial institutions can increase operational impact and reduce costs.

Automatic matching for internal and external data sources, in any format

Reduce costs and operational risk while ensuring regulatory compliance with automated, real-time reconciliation

Rapid escalation and resolution of discrepancies with extensive exception and investigation queries

Embedded machine learning for improved efficiency

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Market data and corporate actions

Prepare market data and corporate action notifications from multiple sources to build competitive golden copy.

Our solution helps financial institutions to consolidate, cleanse, filter and compare market data, including new regulatory fields from different vendors such as Bloomberg, Reuters, ICE and SIX to create golden copy that underpins accurate portfolio valuations. With our intelligent dashboard, you can identify anomalies in your data consumption, track corporate action notifications, statuses, various deadlines and pinpoint what requires immediate attention, all whilst keeping on top of data costs.

Access high-quality market data to build competitive golden copy

Centralise data feeds via one single, consolidated master file

Remove costly overheads associated with intensive manual processing

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Securities Alerts

Alert on business and technical anomalies, notifications and events with automation, scheduling and workflows.

Multiple systems are complicated, especially when they don’t communicate efficiently, leaving a reliance on manual processes. Detecting and alerting on business and technical events requires a cross-channel view of anomalies, errors or approaching deadlines. Our securities alert solution provides early identification of potential issues such as operational and technical risks from approaching deadlines, items requiring immediate action and technical failures.

Alerts on transactions at risk

Identifies suspicious transactions and behaviours

Notifies you on connectivity and capacity issues

Highlights data and transactions requiring an action

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Securities Tracking

Track end-to-end securities settlements, events and statuses.

Our securities tracking capability helps financial institutions gain visibility and control, at any point in time, on the settlement flows of their transactions. The solution combines and aggregates all the underlying messages, whatever their format, origin, status and nature in one “file” that can be easily accessed via any search criteria within an ultra-fast response time.

Gain control and visibility of the securities settlement process in one view

Built-in analytics and reporting to identify risks and trends

Supports compliance with long term storage facility for audit purposes

Access and leverage your data quickly and easily, even if it’s several years old

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Fraud Detection

Detect fraud, errors and suspicious behaviours.

The need to monitor payment flows to prevent fraud is essential in protecting your banks and customers' assets. Our solution can surface variations and stop payments according to configurable rules, thresholds and machine learning. This analysis can be extended to user activity to highlight abnormal behaviours that can be indicators that you are at risk. With these features, banks can stay in control and proactively protect against fraud.

Monitor payment flows, raise alerts and stop suspicious transactions

Deactivate users when suspicious behaviours are recognised

Supports payments for SWIFT domestic, ISO 20022 and SEPA

Bottomline’s Fraud detection and response exceeds mandatory security controls within the SWIFT Customer Security Programme

47% of financial decision-makers say their business recovers up to only 20% of their losses

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