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Provide peace of mind that payments are going to the correct beneficiary

Confirmation of Payee (CoP) is an industry-wide response to combat APP fraud in the UK and reduces the ways that fraudsters can dupe anyone into sending authorised payments into criminal accounts. 

There are numerous ways we can be deceived into sending what we think is a genuine payment. For example, victims may receive a call from a fraudster, claiming to be from their bank, informing them that their account has been compromised and asking them to quickly transfer large sums of money, unbeknown to the victim, into the criminal’s account. Not just limited to calls, APP fraud can also take place via emails and social media. 

CoP acts as a ‘Name Checking Service’, and allows the payer to check whether the name they’ve been provided matches the account number and sort code. This helps reduce APP fraud and payments from being accidentally sent to the wrong account due to human error.

Open Banking Expo Awards 2021

Bottomline is honoured to be the winner for Best Banking- as- a-Service Solution for our Confirmation of Payee solution.

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The Card and Payments awards 2022

2022 Best Security fraud award

Bottomline is honoured to be the winner for Best Security or Anti-Fraud Development for our Confirmation of Payee solution.

How Bottomline Confirmation of Payee works


How we can help

Save time

Simple ‘switch on’ due to Open Banking credentials

Minimise hassle 

Compatible with any payment scheme via our SaaS-based, API driven solution

Easy integration

Full on-boarding support with access to our sandbox


Multi-year roadmap to cover evolving phases and new functionality

Flexible and transparent

Pay-as-you-go model with no capex or compliance overhead

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Payments UK

Our solution can be offered as an overlay service to the following payment types on new and modified payees:

Faster Payments (mandatory, if CoP subscriber)

CHAPS transfers (mandatory, if CoP subscriber)

Bacs Direct Debits and Direct Credits (optional at this stage)

Customer Testimonials

Cashplus Bank

Richard Bastin | Chief Technology Officer

With the rising patterns of Authorised Push Payments (APP) fraud affecting the UK industry, Cashplus Bank wanted a robust technical solution, backed by deep market expertise and 24x7 support.  We are delighted to work with Bottomline who bring their Open Banking credentials and innovative matching technology together to deliver this primary objective of protecting our clients.  

Cashplus Bank logo


Marten Vill | Open Banking and API Product Manager

Using the latest SaaS technology to protect our customers' money is an important differentiator for us. We wanted to make sure we joined Phase 1 of CoP to immediately eliminate the rising losses in APP fraud in the industry, which rose to £479 million in 2020. 

LHV logo

The Access Bank UK

Bob Attwood | Head of IT & Operations

As a relationship bank, we want to make sure our customers are fully protected against the growing instances of APP fraud and also make it as simple as possible for our customers to send funds to us. Bottomline provides this out of the box with their CoP solution.

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The introduction of CoP has two phases, the first of which is due for completion in summer 2021. Banks were given the directive by the Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) to fully implement CoP by June 30th 2020. The major banking groups successfully launched on or before the deadline, and a number of other UK banks, building societies and PSPs have now followed.

In the UK, APP fraud accounted for losses totaling £479m in 2020 (Source: UK Finance), as payment scams increasingly moved online. However, only 25% of losses are ever recovered which highlights the urgency around implementing stronger preventative measures. CoP aims to minimise APP fraud and reduce the volume of payments that don’t reach the intended destination.

CoP provides a greater degree of payment protection not only for the financial services sector but for corporates and individuals too.

In July 2020, shortly after the launch of the directive, the financial services sector was already reporting in excess of one million CoP requests per day (Source Pay.UK).

Over 90% of Faster Payment traffic is now managed through Confirmation of Payee

The industry take up has varied. Whilst 90% of Faster Payments are subject to CoP checks, smaller banks, building societies and businesses are lagging behind in terms of understanding and readiness for this new initiative (Source: Bottomline 2020 Business Payments Barometer).

Phase 1 of Confirmation of Payee applied to 396 qualifying UK banks. These banks are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and have their own sort code in the Extended Industry Sort Code Directory. The biggest six banks were forced to join Confirmation of Payee for outbound and inbound transactions before June 30th 2020, through a Payment Systems Regulator mandate. Only a handful of more proactive banks have joined Phase 1 before it is predicted to close to new applicants at the end of June 2021 and move to Phase 2.

Phase 2, opens in July 2021 and will apply to inbound and outbound transactions for over 2,000 organisations such as Credit Unions, Crown Dependencies and Building Society HOCAs (Head Office Collections Accounts), which don’t own a sort code. Phase 1 will be supported in the transition to Phase 2 and further phases or capability extensions are expected in the future for businesses to use CoP for their outbound transactions.

“Any Banks or Corporates that are not doing Confirmation of Payee checks, are exposed to risk and potential liability for any losses incurred due to deliberate or accidental misdirection of funds.”

Ed Adshead-Grant, General Manager and Director, Payments, Bottomline Technologies

According to Pay.UK there are four criteria for enrolling in Phase 1 of CoP:

Be an account servicing PSP.

Have a sort code allocated with their own bank code in the Extended Industry Sort Code Directory (EISCD).

Be an FCA registered entity.

Be registered as a full member of Open Banking for Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) purposes.

There are three simple steps for banks and corporates to get started with CoP:

  1. Enrol with the Pay.UK and Open Banking entities.
  2. For inbound projects: Take extracts of the accounts to be verified and send these daily to your chosen Confirmation of Payee provider. 
  3. For outbound projects: Communicate the new customer journey explaining the response codes that are generated when a CoP check has been completed.

Impact on banks: As a bank or financial institution, CoP can help prevent a significant amount of APP fraud and misdirected payments. Without CoP checks, banks are expected to become liable for any losses incurred.

The initial enrolment process takes just 20 minutes. If the bank is implementing a cloud-based solution for CoP like Bottomline’s solution, the project can be completed within a 6 week target.

For Outbound checks, the bank is provided with a controlled testing environment to replicate the new customer journey and help internal teams understand the process and reason codes that get returned.

For Inbound checks, accounts are sent overnight from the bank to a Service Provider such as Bottomline, via a secure link and can be updated through the day via API calls.

Impact on corporates: CoP provides Corporates with an additional level of control by verifying the beneficiary with the account number and sort code before requesting further approval for a transaction to take place. This creates greater confidence in the outbound payment process whilst also ensuring accidental misdirected payments do not occur. Corporates should ensure that all payment instructions and invoices should use the correct name, account number and sort code.

Whether you’re a bank or corporate, Bottomline provides a fully integrated service delivering all the enrolment, set up, testing and reporting capabilities to integrate CoP into your customer journey. This provides banks and corporates with a seamless and proven service.

Confirmation of Payee:
Building the business case for Confirmation of Payee

We have put together four drivers to consider when building out the business case for Confirmation of Payee within your organisation.

View Infographic

CoP Infographic in page

Payment Initiation Services (PIS) are provided by Bottomline Payment Services, who are authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations for the provision of payment services with FCA registration number 616279.  

UK banks and others can now enroll

LONDON, UK (12 April, 2021) – Bottomline (NASDAQ:EPAY), a leading provider of financial technology that makes business payments simple, smart and secure, today announced that LHV and The Access Bank UK Ltd have signed up to the business’ cloud-based Confirmation of Payee (CoP) service to help combat APP fraud.

Bottomline Scales Its Confirmation of Payee Service for UK Banks

Read the Press Release


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