Customer Testimonials

Cambridge Building Society

Nick Warner | Project Manager

From my point of view, people will be in the budgeting cycle right now and thinking this is something to sort next year. If they’re looking to engage in 1 month to discuss their strategy, that’s close enough to Xmas for things to lose momentum. Naturally, January will come and go, and the ~45% reviewing options will hit panic stations. October will soon be here… . Additionally, the element of scarcity of resources should motivate Group Two to ‘get going’ ASAP. After all, there are only so many CoP vendors and only so many Project Managers at those vendors to manage.

Cashplus Bank

Richard Bastin | Chief Technology Officer

With the rising patterns of Authorised Push Payments (APP) fraud affecting the UK industry, Cashplus Bank wanted a robust technical solution, backed by deep market expertise and 24x7 support.  We are delighted to work with Bottomline who bring their Open Banking credentials and innovative matching technology together to deliver this primary objective of protecting our clients.  

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The Access Bank UK

Bob Attwood | Head of IT & Operations

As a relationship bank, we want to make sure our customers are fully protected against the growing instances of APP fraud and also make it as simple as possible for our customers to send funds to us. Bottomline provides this out of the box with their CoP solution.

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video time: 01:27 video title: Confirmation of Payee Overview

How does CoP protect against APP fraud and misdirected payments?

Confirmation of Payee (CoP) is an industry-wide response to combat APP fraud in the UK and reduces the ways that fraudsters can dupe anyone into sending authorised payments into criminal accounts. 

There are numerous ways we can be deceived into sending what we think is a genuine payment. For example, victims may receive a call from a fraudster, claiming to be from their bank, informing them that their account has been compromised and asking them to quickly transfer large sums of money, unbeknown to the victim, into the criminal’s account. Not just limited to calls, APP fraud can also take place via emails and social media. 

CoP acts as a ‘Name Checking Service’, and allows the payer to check whether the name they’ve been provided matches the account number and sort code. This helps reduce APP fraud and payments from being accidentally sent to the wrong account due to human error.

Confirmation of Payee: All you need to know in less than two minutes
Hear Edward Ireland, our Senior Market Development Manager, discussing why complying with Confirmation of Payee is important and the benefits to your customers. 

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video time: 01:48 video title: Bottomline's CoP Solution with Edward Ireland

Confirmation of Payee: Peace of mind for corporate payments

Ideal for your business if you are making high-volume, high-value or high-risk transactions.

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CoP media text

The future of Confirmation of Payee in Europe

How can Europe make the most out of the Iban-name check requirement included in the update to 
the Instant Payment Regulation?

CoP in the UK: An Essential Tool Against APP Fraud

“Nevertheless, CoP’s implementation has shown a significant reduction in APP fraud (UK Finance’s 2023 report reveals it’s down 17% compared to 2021) and misdirected payments, enhancing customer experience and assurance in electronic payment initiation. This system, therefore, offers a promising future in pre-validating payment transactions to prevent fraud.” 
-Edward Ireland, Commercial Product Director, Bottomline 

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Aite Novarica Award media text

Aite Novarica Impact Award 2022

Bottomline is honoured to be the winner for the Aite Novarica Impact Awards Best Digital Identity Verification Innovation.

2022 Best Security fraud award

The Card and Payments award 2022

Bottomline is honoured to be the winner for Best Security or Anti-Fraud Development for our Confirmation of Payee solution.

CoP Winner

Open Banking Expo Awards 2021

Bottomline is honoured to be the winner for Best Banking- as- a-Service Solution for our Confirmation of Payee solution.

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CoP Archived On-Demand webinars

How to stop APP fraud

The billion-pound question

Many are familiar with the alarming rise of APP fraud in the UK. With the latest official fraud statistics due to be published within the next few weeks, we've gathered a panel of industry experts to debate the issues and the expected interventions from the regulator in the industry this year.


APP Fraud and CoP

Building your Business Case for Confirmation of Payee

Hear from Bottomline, Pay.UK and Cashplus Bank discuss APP Fraud and the opening of phase 2 (July) of Confirmation of Payee and how to build the business case for your organisation.

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How Bottomline Confirmation of Payee works


How we can help

Save time

Simple ‘switch on’ due to Open Banking credentials

Minimise hassle 

Compatible with any payment scheme via our SaaS-based, API driven solution

Easy integration

Full on-boarding support with access to our sandbox


Multi-year roadmap to cover evolving phases and new functionality

Flexible and transparent

Pay-as-you-go model with no capex or compliance overhead

Machine Learning
Payments UK

Our solution can be offered as an overlay service to the following payment types on new and modified payees:

Faster Payments (mandatory, if CoP subscriber)

CHAPS transfers (mandatory, if CoP subscriber)

Bacs Direct Debits and Direct Credits (optional at this stage)


There are no rules for Building Societies to opt-out. The most a Building Society can do is opt-out of outbound validations for their customers (if they can only send money to a nominated single, sometimes called a linked account).

In the UK, APP fraud accounted for losses totaling £479m in 2020 (Source: UK Finance), as payment scams increasingly moved online. However, only 25% of losses are ever recovered which highlights the urgency around implementing stronger preventative measures. CoP aims to minimise APP fraud and reduce the volume of payments that don’t reach the intended destination.

Organisations can only opt-out if they prove they have no customers or have nominated/ linked accounts. Any opt-out requests must be submitted to Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) for consideration. A Bank, etc., cannot simply assume their opt-out status.

The rule is whenever a new beneficiary is set up. However, we see some Banks re-validating after a period of x days, but this is their choice and not in the rules.

CoP uses Head Office Collections Account (HOCA), i.e., your central account and Secondary Reference Data (SDR). For Building Societies, this is a roll number. For Credit Cards, it is a PAN number, and for Mortgages, FX providers, etc., it may be a customer reference.

In short, whoever is registered at Companies House. This can vary by Bank, Building Society, etc. It’s worth validating/ double-checking that those noted have up-to-date details, as incorrect information has caused delays in some implementations.

We look for a daily file. Although, we have clients with more than one file per day. The intra-day RESTAPI takes 1.5 seconds to update.

In an Open Banking transaction, the customer consents to send a payment. This PISP (Payment Initiation Service Provider) payments are outside CoP requirements.

Pay.UK issues a rule book for the matching engine. Anyone can build their solution provided they follow this rule book and get certified against the simulator. They will also need to consider hardware costs, response dates, system availability, etc., in any self-build. The other value is that the rulebook needs to be followed to the letter by all parties. Some of the earlier parties are not yet doing this, and the vendors in the market compensate for these differences - that said, any self-build solution could go through the same exploration as the vendors encountered.

Confirmation of Payee:
Building the business case for Confirmation of Payee

We have put together four drivers to consider when building out the business case for Confirmation of Payee within your organisation.

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Payment Initiation Services (PIS) are provided by Bottomline Payment Services, who are authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations for the provision of payment services with FCA registration number 616279.  


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