Product overview

GTMatch Corporate enables automated reconciliation of receipts and statements, leaving only new exceptions to be manually matched. It removes the repetitive manual process of physically matching individual items against a bank statement before uploading into an accounts system. Using highly configurable rules and an inherent learning capability, which is not available through manual comparison or homebuilt tools, GTMatch Corporate works together with your existing systems to provide a consolidated view across all business units.

Built for your needs

Benefits and features

Provides automatic matching for both internal and external data sources

Enables timely and accurate reconciliation, improving efficiency and reducing costs

Allows for accurate accounting of aged debt and Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) enabling credit control to chase the right debt at the right time

Eases administration with new matching rules that are continuously incorporated to auto-match in the future

Provides flexibility with exception reporting that is fully customisable

Eradicates human error and unnecessary administration

Delivers consolidated visibility across the organisation for easy traceability and exception management

Reduces risk and fraud through user-specified alerts and notifications.


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