Bottomline PT-X Protect

PT-X® Protect works proactively to detect indicators of potential fraud and errors within your payment data before its submission to the Bacs and Faster Payments networks.

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Bottomline’s PT-X Protect works in conjunction with your PT-X payments platform and mitigates the risk of your organisation becoming the victim of both internal and external fraud, in particular payment diversion or duplication. By alerting you to suspicious activity or data anomalies, PT-X Protect allows you to stop an incorrect or fraudulent payment from being made, averting potential financial or reputational loss. PT-X Protect works by detecting inconsistencies or duplicitous data in your payments file, checking the payment details against a blacklist or an approved list of accounts, as well as alerting you to when the first payment to a new account is about to be made.

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Benefits & Features

  • Proactive detection of common types of payment fraud before they occur
  • Drives additional layers of security to help to prevent financial and reputational loss associated with fraudulent activity
  • Enables extra scrutiny when an attempt is made to pay into a blacklisted or new account
  • An internal deterrent against employee fraudulent activity
  • Promotes a security conscious culture within your organisation.