The payment lifecycle challenges

The payment life cycle for international businesses typically involves multiple bank relationships, Treasury, ERP and banking platforms or external suppliers, with different connectivity and security requirements. Spread across geographic locations and business entities, it can be challenging to maintain an accurate, granular view of the payment life cycle. Manual processes and fragmented payment systems across the enterprise leaves organisations open to a greater risk of fraud and error.

The Bottomline Payment Manager provides an effective solution to the centralised visibility and control required by Finance Managers. An integrated hub empowers users to view the status of all payments and take the necessary action to ensure seamless execution and reduce risk of fraud.

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Business advantages of the Bottomline Payment Manager

The Bottomline Payment Manager is a fully featured, future proof centralised platform that provides visibility and control over treasury, payroll, AP, FX/MM and manual payments, to all banks, irrespective of location, regulations and format requirements.

Real-time monitoring delivers the capability to intelligently act on common errors such as duplication, missing regulatory fields, wrong length or insufficient data. Automated controls guarantee integrity of information whilst increasing the speed and efficiency of payments operations.

As a cloud-based solution, The Bottomline Payment Manager enables you to manage the increased availability of payment information across different networks as well as cope with the introduction of new payment channels, banks and clearing institutions as well as new formats.

The Bottomline Payment Manager enables secure, agile and smarter financial management through:

Automated and centralised management of the end to end payment life cycle from any source, including manual payments, using multi-network, multi-connectivity to all banks and counterparties

Secure, flexible user access with full Segregation of Duty and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enhances risk and fraud control

Real-time payment life cycle monitoring allows actionable intervention such as repairing and resubmitting payments along with standard comprehensive audit and compliance reporting


The Bottomline Payment Manager provides Finance Managers with a single platform for real time visibility, control and effective management over all payment flows, formats, regulatory and bank requirements.

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Bottomline Payment Manager product capabilities

Multi-connectivity network

Bottomline’s ability to support multi-connectivity requirements, payment types and formats is vital for maintaining automation across the full payment lifecycle. The Bottomline Payment Manager can receive, download and route payments in all formats using the most widely used connectivity methods.

Direct SWIFT access via our bureau or:

BIC as a Service, which offers indirect access for corporates wanting to leverage the SWIFT network without the cost or overhead of SWIFT membership for single MT101 payment.

API for Open Banking and Secure FTP connectivity with compliant encryption requirements.

Automated data enrichment and transformation capabilities cater to differing bank connectivity requirements and ensure the highest rates of STP for payments. Comprehensive format and duplicate payment checks ensure accuracy and mitigate the risk of fraud.

Multi Connectivity Options
Connect Secure

Secure payment workflows

Full user profiles can be created and administered with varying permissions according to profiles, access rights and functional entitlements such as authorisation limits and ability to create manual payments.

Effective Segregation of Duty for worldwide users ensure secure approvals, verification and exception workflow using MFA, for the highest standards of security and control across the payment life cycle.

Simple administration

The Bottomline Payment Manager is fully configurable with administration directly from within the user interface for creating and updating advanced workflows.

Efficient payment routing

An optional service from Bottomline is to analyse your payment flows and apply best practice for grouping and routing payments to different banks, depending on cost and type of channel.

Case Workflow Transfer Folder
Bottomline Payment Manager PCM Dashboard preview

Bottomline has a recognised heritage in innovating business payment automation for Banks, Financial Institutions and Corporates.

The Bottomline Payment Manager provides critical visibility to Finance Managers enabling greater control over the payment life cycle. Working in tandem with the Bottomline Statement Manager, we provide organisations with the most effective cash and liquidity management possible with complete real-time visibility.


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