Create, print and email remittance advices to reconcile payments

Reconcile payments effortlessly with PTX Remit, part of the PTX Payments platform from Bottomline Technologies - developed for organisations that want to create and email advices in full alignment with their Bacs or Faster Payments.

Maintaining good supplier relationships helps to drive a culture of better payment practice by promoting faster settlement of invoices. For electronic payments, remittance advice is normally processed separately, then the task to reconcile payments is manually undertaken, which can often be time-consuming and tedious.

PTX Remit will enable your business to create and send remittance advices at the same time as Bacs payments, to help you improve efficiency and enhance supplier relationships by:

Efficiently creating and sending payments and remittance advices via one centralised platform, available online

Facilitating supplier reconciliation processes and reducing inbound query volumes

Enhancing visibility over remittances with advanced track and trace, lowering costs with improved internal efficiency

Find out how Bottomline’s PTX Remit offers organisations an innovative, secure cloud-based remittance advice service that ensures improved efficiency and enhanced supplier relationships.


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