Cyber Fraud and Risk Management

Ensure regulatory compliance and stop fraudulent activity and data theft with protection against cyber-attacks, insider threats, web and mobile fraud, payment fraud, and money laundering.

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Our Cyber Fraud and Risk Management Solutions Include:


Anti-money laundering

Combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism by monitoring financial transactions for suspicious activity. Track activity across multiple accounts for the same entity, match against imported lists (OFAC, FATF, NCCT, PEP, etc.), and use pre-configured rules to generate alerts required to comply with AML/CFT regulations.


Enterprise case management

Automate and streamline the processes of creating, managing, and investigating alerts and cases of enterprise fraud, money laundering, and security breaches, including generating suspicious activity reports (SAR) and electronic filing.


Insider fraud

Detect, stop, and track suspicious activity of insiders (e.g. employees, contractors, call centers, etc.) in real time using 100 pre-configured business rules, and/or using your own customised rules.


Mobile and web fraud

Detect and block suspicious transactions on web and mobile channels utilising behaviour and transaction analysis for exposing attacks and reducing the risk of identity theft or account takeover.


Payment fraud

Detect and prevent a wide variety of payment fraud schemes with real-time monitoring, behavior analysis, fraud analytics and automated transaction blocking.


User behaviour monitoring

Hold authorised users accountable, investigate suspicious behaviour, respond in real-time, and prevent the next crime using a cross platform “surveillance system” that captures user behaviour and provides visual replay of user activity within your corporate applications.