User behaviour monitoring

Hold authorised users accountable, investigate suspicious behaviour, respond in real-time, and prevent the next crime using a cross platform “surveillance system” that captures user behaviour and provides visual replay of user activity within corporate applications.

User Behavior Monitoring

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The Challenge

Cyber threats are increasingly aggressive, complex, and frequent. Today your investments in security protect against malware and unauthorised access, but that alone can't truly protect you. 78% of cyber fraud is committed by or with authorised users ("malicious insiders") or by external parties that hijack an authorised user's profile and access. Without visibility into users' behaviour, organisations are missing a critical layer of defence and are less able to stop fraud and data breaches before they happen.

Our Solution

Bottomline's user behaviour monitoring solution offers the next layer of defence, providing a virtual "surveillance camera" to deliver unparalleled visibility and real-time alerts based on internal and external user activity. This first-of-its-kind, cross-platform surveillance system offers unparalleled visibility of internal and external end-user activity in corporate applications across the enterprise. The solution provides a critical infrastructure for combating internal fraud and information leakage, enabling proactive response to internal and external threats, rather than “after-the-fact” reactive response. With complete recording, monitoring, and analysis of authorised user activities across all major platforms, security officers can act on suspicious behaviour as it occurs, and use the intelligence gathered to pre-empt crime in the future.

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Bottomline User Behavior Monitoring


Bottomline User Behavior Monitoring

Customer Success Story

Delaware Justice Information Services (DELJIS)

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  • Create accountability among authorised users.
  • Shift from transaction tracking to human behaviour monitoring.
  • Increase organisational security with central visibility into user behaviour across all sensitive applications.
  • Act on suspicious behaviour as it occurs, rather than reacting after crimes and fraud have been perpetrated.
  • Reduce investigation time significantly and improve its effectiveness in identifying, analysing, and documenting suspicious behaviour with visual replay of user sessions.
  • Over time, use the intelligence the system gathers to pre-empt crime, data leakage, and theft before it happens.
70% of companies suffer from at least one type of fraud
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Real-time investigation while the suspicious activity is occurring


  • Complete visibility into end-user activity with visual replay of every screen, keystroke, and flow of screens in thin-client applications across all major platforms.
  • Record of activity of all end users, including privileged IT users.
  • Real-time investigation while the suspicious activity is occurring, or post-event via examination of historical recorded data.
  • Simple set-up and integration to quickly start recording user activity and prevent fraud and data leakage.
  • Central system of record for user behaviour, eliminating information silos that provide an advantage to criminals and malicious insiders.
  • Bottomline’s Cyber Fraud and Risk Management solutions use a common platform to capture, normalise, analyse, and act. With this platform all data is captured, normalised, encrypted, and signed—making it easy to analyse suspicious behaviour over time and across applications, analyse and prevent new types of fraud, ensure compliance, and provide legally admissible forensic evidence. A common user interface for all types of fraud and compliance analysis maximises productivity of network operators and fraud investigators. Learn more about the Bottomline Cyber Fraud and Risk Management platform.

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Customer Testimonials

"Intellinx allows our fraud investigators to visually replay screen data of both current and historical transactions and receive real-time alerts on suspicious events."
Tony Spinelli, Chief Security & Compliance Officer, Equifax