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Global payments for banks

Fully service the advanced global payments and liquidity management needs of commercial customers. Protect mission-critical payment activity with fraud prevention and financial messaging.

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The Challenge

Banks today face an increasingly competitive market. Commercial customers on the other hand are becoming more selective and ready to shift bank relationships in search of better product capabilities and ease of use. Payment services need to improve as customers demand greater efficiency and ease of use, more controls and visibility, and the ability to centralise payments and liquidity management across geographies. Financial institutions are under increasing pressure to provide enhanced payment functionality and grow and sustain revenues from their corporate clients, as well as streamline the operations that support global payments.

Our Solution

Bottomline’s global payments solutions helps banks be more competitive for corporate payments and cash management - by enabling corporations to efficiently make payments and manage their cash position through a modern user experience. Robust security and control features, streamlined processing, self-service options, and collaboration tools help to drive efficiencies and process optimisation.

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Benefits for the commercial customer

  • Streamline processes and improve efficiency in payment operations
  • Effectively manage risks of both internal and external fraud

Benefits for the financial institution

  • Offer a market-leading payments and cash management solution and increase market share
  • Maximise customer satisfaction and retention
  • Provide robust security and control features to clients
Anchor: Functionality
centralized payments


  • Centralised payments initiation and management across multiple accounts globally.
  • Maintains STP clearing rules, cutoff times, holiday schedules, etc.
  • Sophisticated fraud and risk management controls.
  • Balance and transaction reporting, account aggregation.
  • Advanced cash concentration and global liquidity management.
  • Responsive design, for use on mobile devices.
  • Standard back office integration with market leading payment systems.
  • Secure financial messaging and straight-through processing of global payments through SWIFT and other networks.

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