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Cheque printing and delivery

Print, deliver, track, and archive cheques and other financial documents.

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The Challenge

High levels of control are needed to ensure cheque payments are created securely, removing the risk of fraud, both internal and external, and ensuring an auditable, visible process. Organisations printing cheques today need to ensure they use the most secure stationery, printers, and system-driven workflow to meet these requirements.

Our Solution

Our cheque printing and delivery solutions incorporate industry-leading technologies and techniques to safeguard your cheques against fraudsters attempting to duplicate, alter, or counterfeit cheques. Bottomline provides the ideal platform for all your cheque payment requirements.

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There are three components involved in creating maximum security around cheque payments; software, cheque stock, and the cheque printer. These components work in unison to provide the most secure laser cheque printing solution available with the following benefits:

  • Maximum security
  • Reduced waste
  • Flexibility
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  • Fully-approved Cheque and Credit Clearing Company (C&CCC) and PIRA cheques printing solution
  • Industry-leading technologies and techniques to safeguard your cheques
  • ERP-agnostic so your cheque printing requirements can be handled through a single solution
  • Robust archiving service allowing you to view what has been distributed for audit purposes
  • Solutions to suit both in-house and outsourced cheque printings
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Customer Testimonials

"We couldn’t be happier. The implementation was handled very smoothly and went very well."
Adam Carrier, WebSeries Support Consultant, Aviva

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