Why payment effciency matters

To pay and get paid: Two essential financial processes that define core activities of virtually every business. While payment processes have evolved enormously in the last decade, many organisations are still missing out on many cost and efficiency benefits available today.

There are many efficiencies to be had in every finance team. If you work on the accounts receivable side, you might be looking for one supplier to manage all your collection methods, remove paper-based processes or ways to reduce aged debt. Alternatively, an accounts payable team could be searching for a more efficient and cheaper way to make payments in the UK and overseas.

How can PTX help with efficiency in your business?

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Save time

Benefit from using one system to make and collect UK and international payments. Improve reconciliation and see all your transactions in one place.

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Save money

Get competitive rates when it comes to paying overseas, collecting by card or accessing lower fee alternatives. Eliminate costs associated with
failed transactions.

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Save data

Store and verify payer details for future payments and collections to reduce manual checking, the risk of human error and ultimately speed up payment times.

Why PTX?

Despite the huge advances in payments technology, 70% of companies continue to process more than half of their invoices and in general pay most of their bills, the old-fashioned way, on paper.

Source: 'Paper Jam: Why Documents are Dragging us Down' (Adobe)
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Want to learn more about saving time and money by eliminating payment ineficiencies?

This payments automation whitepaper highlights how transforming the processing of your payments can provide tangible competitive advantages and help your business to:

  • Increase efficiency by leveraging automated payments processing
  • Fight payment fraud by identifying vulnerabilities
  • Gain financial visibility with consolidated insight and flexible control over processes
  • Embrace the opportunities of the digital economy for
    competitive advantage.


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