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Bacs & Faster Payments

The UK's most popular Bacs-approved cloud software that allows you to make payroll and supplier payments with ease.

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Direct Debit

Get paid while you sleep with Direct Debit. The UK's most popular and trusted method of paying bills, with 80% of households having at least one Direct Debit in place.

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Managed Direct Debit

Bottomline can sponsor you directly into the Direct Debit scheme and manage your collections from clients. Start collecting Direct Debits today.

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Paperless Direct Debit

Add Direct Debit as a payment method on your website and increase conversion rates, with the UK's most popular and trusted way to pay regular bills.

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Pay Direct

You can now accept payments directly from your customers' bank accounts. Powered by the Open Banking revolution.

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Account Visibility

Combine UK and international bank accounts together, pinpoint transactions with a single search and control who can access your data.

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Take one-off and recurring payments, through your website or over the phone. Everything you need to accept card payments.

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Reduce the time and cost of processing cheque payments with secure cheque printing services and alternative
payment strategies.

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International Payments

Pay international invoices, overseas staff or transfer funds with the same degree of security, ease and control as making a local payment.

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Make one-off payments simple, secure and customer friendly. Perfect for refund payments, claims processing, promotional campaigns or
compensation payouts.

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Safeguard your business with intelligent fraud and cybercrime prevention technology.

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Validation and Verification

Save time and money lost due to out-of-date and incorrectly entered bank account information.

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