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Automate your UK payments

Use the UK’s most popular Bacs-approved software to transform your outbound payments process, regardless of whether you send payment files directly from your ERP/accounting package or manually enter the information yourself. Bacs is the organisation responsible for the rules, or schemes, behind the automated clearing and settlement of Bacs Direct Debit (cash collections) and Bacs Direct Credit (payments). 

Automatically submit Bacs payments right up to the daily cut-off time, as well as Faster Payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Faster Payments are a quicker method of sending money than using Bacs.  Payments sent via Bacs are processed on a three working days cycle, whereas Faster Payments are almost immediate and available 24/7.

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Manage how you authorise payments

Ensure that money doesn’t leave your business without proper scrutiny. Manage who can approve what, with customisable approval rules.

Take the legwork out of checking payment dates, validating files and catching duplicate payments that would otherwise have been paid.

Stay secure and ahead of
the competition

Encrypt payment files at rest, stop duplicate payments and detect potentially fraudulent activity - all in one business payments platform.

Whether you’re a smaller business making the odd supplier payment, or a larger organisation submitting payment files daily, choose a platform that grows with your payment processing needs.

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Internet banking vs. direct Bacs solution

What is the best way to make supplier payments? For many organisations already using Internet banking to check balances and access statements, it can often seem logical to also utilise it for payments. But is this the best option?

Most organisations making more than 50 transactions per month will achieve cost savings by moving to a direct Bacs solution.

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