Print cheques without software any time, anywhere.

Import payment files or generate one-off cheque payments with your own printers. Ideal for organisations who need to are familiar with cheque printing and need control over when, where and how their cheques are issued.

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Never miss a cheque payment with outsourced printing

Reduce operational, production and postage costs whilst guaranteeing a 24-hour turnaround with our print and post service. Track each file in PTX as it is processed at a secure and accredited production facility.

Make it easier for your customers

Do your customers a favour. Rather than making them wait for and present a cheque to the bank, let us help you securely capture your customers bank account details and make a bacs or faster payment directly to their bank account.

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Protect your cheques with new digital anti-fraud features

After a long period of absence, cheque fraud is back. Fraudsters are now taking advantage of the Image Clearing System to create counterfeit cheques that bypass all traditional, paper-based features. Protect your cheques with an Image Survivable Feature, applied for you by PTX.

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video time: 00:11 video title: How cheques have evolved, and why this is good news for fraudsters

How cheques have evolved, and why this is good news for fraudsters

The cheque has evolved over the last ten years, as expected. This episode on the payments podcast is reviewing how cheques have changed to keep up to date with the digital consumer that expects payments fast. But, what does this mean for the security of cheques which was once almost impenetrable? Spoiler alert, it’s good news for the fraudsters.


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