Get paid faster while spending less

Offer more payment options and simply integrate a new payment button into your existing website or app payment page to offer an experience that your customers will love. You can customise the payment journey with your company branding too. 

With Pay Direct you get paid in minutes, directly from your customers' bank account via the UK Faster Payment Service. Not only faster than other payment methods but up to 50% cheaper too.

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Provide an amazing customer experience

Paying by open banking is simple for your customers. There's no need to share sensitive payment details, type a long card number or enter a billing address. They select their bank and use the bank's login process – which could be as simple as a thumbprint or facial recognition on a mobile app. 

Finally, customers check the transaction details - and their balance - before confirming the payment. The funds are on their way, directly from their account to yours.

Simplified reconciliation

If you're accepting payment by bank transfer today, you're probably dealing with mistyped references and unexpected amounts. With Pay Direct, the payment details are prepopulated and travel with the transaction. You can check the status in real-time and also receive them directly into your back-office systems. 

Bottomline is fully approved by the FCA as a 'Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP)' for the provision of this service and certified by Open Banking.

We understand that payments work best when they’re flexible. That’s why we offer a range of payment options within the same platform – from Direct Debit to card payments - your customers can pay you in a way they prefer.

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Your Open Banking payment service

Discover how your business can pay direct today

Pay Direct is a fully hosted Open Banking Payment Initiation Service that can enable your business to receive online payments via Faster Payments directly from the payer's bank account in just a few steps.

Using Pay Direct to initiate a payment, the payer can be confident that no sensitive payment or security credentials are shared with a third party and no need to key in their billing address. For the business, Pay Direct provides quicker settlement, improved reconciliation, no chargeback liability and a lower cost payment acceptance relative to cards.

Step 1: Simply add a payment button on your check out page

Step 2: Your payer is transferred to log in directly with their bank to authorise payment

Step 3: All the details of the payment are locked and passed through to their bank so there is no risk of payer error

Step 4: Once completed, the payer is returned to the business website to continue their online journey - ensuring a consistent brand and user experience

Learn more about Pay Direct and the Open Banking payments service:

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video time: 01:26 video title: PTX Pay Direct the new way for customers to pay

Get paid with Pay Direct

This short explainer video will explain how customers can use open banking to pay you more easily and in real-time directly from their bank account.

Payment Initiation Services (PIS) are provided by Bottomline Payment Services, who are authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations for the provision of payment services with FCA registration number 616279.


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