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Get a feel for PTX.

For customer support and services click here.

Get a feel for PTX.

For customer support and services click here.

Get a feel for PTX.

For customer support and services click here.

The new way to accept payments

With PTX you can now accept payments directly from your customer’s bank account. Powered by the Open Banking revolution.

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Wave goodbye to additional fees


Open Banking is here and offers an alternative to card payments, you’ll have no intermediaries - saving significant costs of up to 2% per transaction.

With immediate payments becoming the norm for both consumers and businesses, allowing customers to pay directly from their bank account in near real-time means you’ll receive the funds quicker than ever before.

Create amazing experiences

Your customers don’t need to type in long card and address details. They’ll also benefit from being able to check their account balance before approving a payment.

PTX seamlessly integrates with any website or app and allows you to keep up with industry trends and offer the sleek checkout experience that consumers love.

Improve invoice & reconciliation processes


If you’re trying to transform your invoice process to make the most of the digital world, you can now send invoice payment requests to your customers via a secure link to pay direct from their bank accounts.​​​​​​​

With Pay Direct, it always includes the correct order reference, so you will never have to deal with incorrect references or manual reconciliation. Payments, when they reach your account can be automatically reconciled.​​​​​​​

Provide a secure & complete solution

It’s a completely secure online payment solution for consumers to securely authenticate with their bank and approve every transaction.

Using PTX’s innovative solution you can easily facilitate refunds when you need, and be safe they’ll land in the right hands with payment security taken care of.

As a payments business, we understand that payments work best when they’re flexible. With PTX you can offer a number of payment options from the same platform – from Direct Debits to card payments - your customers can pay you in a way they prefer.

Wilson Wilson & Hancock increase visibility over Direct Debit collections

I will generally try and work it out myself but if I can't I will ring Bottomline. Bottomline are friendly and helpful when you ring them up. PTX is easy to use too.
Natalie Tiltman Accounts Assistant | Wilson Wilson & Hancock

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