Offer a world-class refund experience

Make the process of issuing a refund as painless and quick as possible for both you and your customer. Securely capture your customer’s bank details and automatically generate a payment request. No need for cash or cheques, just a simple direct credit to your customer’s bank account.

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Keep customer data safe at all times

By capturing bank account information using a secure, digital process you’ll avoid the risks associated with traditional channels such as paper, telephone or email. Bottomline safeguards the data you hold, avoiding the need to save personal information locally and therefore helping you stay GDPR-compliant.

Ensure refunds land in the right hands

Automatically review bank account details at the point of capture, ensuring that refunds are always issued to the correct person. Save time and money further down the line, by keeping an eye out for duplicate and unauthorised payments.

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Learn more about the latest trends impacting organisations of all sizes

Now in its fourth year this annual index surveys over 400 financial decision-makers across Great Britain.

Cara O’Nions, Global Marketing Director, and Ed Adshead-Grant, General Manager of Payments discuss this year’s results and what they mean in the ever-changing payment landscape.

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video time: 14:42 video title: What the 2019 Business Payment Barometer has taught us

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