We're constantly adapting to stay one step ahead of new threats

Our all new Secure Payments Professional uses the latest technology to give the best protection for your payments: 

Harness the power of machine-learning to receive real-time alerts
based on the unique behaviour of your organisation

Allow the solution to adapt autonomously to the new landscape as patterns and trends change


Receive alerts, in real-time, when transactions fall out of the ordinary. 

Act on alerts, approving or rejecting, before the payment goes out of the door.

Take advantage of our modelling of 60 million transactions processed by PTX each year

Purposefully built for BACS and Faster Payments

Enjoy simple and quick to implementation – we’ll get you set up in minutes

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Detect fraud and error automatically

By enabling intelligent transaction monitoring, you can be safe in the knowledge that every payment your business makes is analysed for indicators of potential fraud and error.

Automated alerting functionality flags first-time payments, duplicate entries, as well as the diversion of legitimate payments.

Encrypt payment and
personal information

Eliminate the risk of unauthorised access and tampering of payment data by encrypting payment information at the point of their creation.

When combined with the ability to automatically upload files to Bottomline, you can protect your business from manual intervention and ensure payments are secure at every step of the process.

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Manage user roles and permissions

Secure access via multi-factor authentication (MFA), with the choice of mobile app or physical security tokens. Optionally segregate individual permissions, ensuring that no one individual can process a payment end-to-end.

Replace bank-issued smart cards with our integrated cloud security module, increasing operational flexibility, whilst maintaining security.

Just stopping payment fraud attempts won't cut it in today's digital payments landscape

Organisations need to be aware of any attempt and be able to track the process it would take. With one in five enterprises loosing over one million pounds to payment fraud, processes aren't beating the sophistication of cyber attackers.

In this episode we're talking to Jack Gianella about steps organisations can take to better protect themselves.

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video time: 19:13 video title: Fraud; Is ignorance really bliss
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