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Get a feel for PTX.

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Get a feel for PTX.

For customer support and services click here.

Get a feel for PTX.

For customer support and services click here.

Bank Account Validation & Verification

Stop wasting time and money due to out of date and incorrectly entered bank account information.

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Significantly improve straight through processing

Bottomline PTX allows you to confirm that the details you have for your customers are accurate and correct at the point of capture to help you to significantly improve your straight through processing and deliver improved customer service.

Reduce your costs

By implementing Know Your Customer (KYC) checks at point of capture, Bottomline PTX saves you time and money by reducing costs further down the line The product ensures that you always have the latest industry sort code information.

Support your organisation’s compliance needs

Direct Debit scheme rules state that organisations must carry out a modulus check of bank account data at the ‘point of sale’, prove that their customers are who they say they are and that address and bank account details relate to that customer. Validation and verification in PTX ensures you adhere to the complex rules and stay compliant.

Reduce risk of fraud

With PTX enabling you to confirm the validity and ownership of the recipient’s bank details, you can avoid accidental mistakes and minimise fraud at the same time

James Corporate Health boosts turnover by 15%

The impact it has had on my business and the ability for me to have greater control over my cash flow has been massive. PTX has allowed my company to grow. Over the last 6 months, James Corporate Health’s monthly turnover has increased by 15%.
Emma James Owner and MD | James Corporate Health

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