Check customer details in real-time

Significantly improve your straight-through processing and deliver improved customer service, simply by confirming your customers' account details
in real-time.

Confirm the validity and ownership of a recipient’s bank details so you can avoid accidental mistakes and minimise fraud simultaneously.

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Reduce risk and cost

According to Bacs, a failed transaction can cost a business up to £50 to correct. By implementing Know Your Customer (KYC) checks at point-of-capture, you’ll save time and money upfront. 

In today’s global economy, organisations must ensure that the individuals and companies they’re doing business with are indeed who and what they say
they are.

Stay compliant

Businesses that collect Direct Debit are mandated to carry out checks on bank account data at the ‘point-of-sale’, prove that their customers are who they
say they are, and confirm that address and bank account details match to
that customer.

Our validation and verification capabilities ensure that you adhere to the complex rules and stay compliant.

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45% of businesses have been impacted by payment fraud in the last year.

This year’s Business Payments Barometer surveyed financial decision-makers in the UK to gain insights on the payment industry and examine the next 12 months.

This episode on the Payments Podcast featured James Richardson, Head of Market Development for Risk and Fraud analysing what this year’s results mean in the "Compliance, Fraud and Sanctions" section of the report.

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video time: 12:11 video title: Compliance, Payment Fraud and Sanctions


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