Why does financial growth matter?

Automating payment processes can provide valuable financial growth for all businesses, enabling more efficient management of cash flow, enhanced staff productivity and performance. The ability to create a dashboard that highlights all pending incoming payments and scheduled outgoings across all accounts can deliver valuable insight into potential cash-flow stresses or underutilised working capital.

Also, giving customers flexible payment options helps to make your products more appealing and widen their reach to potential prospects. Often these methods are more cost-effective, avoid high fees and give your business a surplus of cash to assist with growth.

How can PTX help with growth in your business?

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Go bigger

Increase the lifetime value of a customer and ensure more predictable revenue streams by offering one-off and recurring payments. Just 'set up and forget'.

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Go digital

Take your business online and offer customers convenient sign-up options to increase conversion rates and eliminate paper in the process.

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Go international

Support your overseas business growth and make your payments as easy as those in the UK with competitive rates and full visibility over your transactions. 

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Want to learn more?

Sometimes, the best way to tackle big problems is to break them into smaller pieces.

For businesses, this applies to a pricing strategy that can be used to increase acquisition rates, boost growth and generate greater loyalty. What’s more, it helps to create a more stable and predictable revenue stream.

Read this business guide to see how demand for the ‘the subscription economy’ has grown and how your business can benefit from offering it to customers.

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