Why payment protection matters?

Hardly a week goes by without news of yet another cyber hack or the loss of sensitive company and consumer data – often resulting in severe reputational damage and financial exposure. Financial crime is on the rise and prevention is no longer considered to be purely an IT issue.

Now, more than ever, vigilance across the business is called for when it comes to protecting against external and, more surprisingly, internal threats. Make sure you have the confidence to monitor, analyse and stop suspicious activity in its tracks.

How can PTX help with security in your business?

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Secure login

One simple and secure login to view all payments and bank accounts in one place – no more managing multiple login credentials between
staff members.

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Secure data

Intuitive validation and verification checks on all payment data and encryption of files in transit ensure customer data stays safe
and compliant.

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Secure access

Setup permissions to restrict access to certain actions or accounts while a multi-approval process optimises workflows and reduces the risk of internal fraud.

Why PTX?

47% of financial decision-makers say their business recovers up to only 25% of their losses

Source: 2019 Business Payments Barometer
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Want to learn more about payment protection?

In our latest webinar, fraud experts James Richardson and Jack Gianella from Bottomline are joined by Alex Tame from Dow Jones to discover how to "break the chain of financial crime."

Highlights include:

  • Latest financial crime trends
  • The future of payments security
  • Industry initiatives to help corporates
  • The actions you need to take
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video time: 38:56 video title: Break the Chain of Financial Crime webinar
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