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The Bottomline Academy offers training opportunities to help you apply best practice techniques to your payment and document automation processes, products and industry schemes. Our training delivers concrete results in cost reductions, efficiency savings and customer service improvements.

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Direct Debit Compliance Training (1 day)

This course is Bacs-accredited and recommended by major banks. Provides a clear understanding of the latest requirements and best practices for secure, efficient and fully compliant Direct Debit processing.

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This course covers: 

Direct Debit compliance and best practice Guarantee and advance notice Regulations

Lodgement and collection timescales and processes

Key Direct Debit reports (AUDDIS, ARUDD, ADDACS)

Direct Debit Indemnity Claim Automation (DDICA)

Paperless Direct Debit (PDD)

Direct Debits Training for Paying Banks (1 day)

A comprehensive programme looking at the Direct Debit scheme and the responsibilities of paying banks. The course will help your organisation to comply with the scheme rules.

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This course covers:

Direct Debit Guarantee (responsibilities and liabilities for paying banks)

Direct Debit Instructions (acceptance / return / rejection)

Amendments and cancellations

Direct Debit collections

Indemnity claim process

'A' services

AUDDIS Application Form Training

For businesses joining the Direct Debit scheme, it gives an understanding of what you are committing to and what that means for your business.

Paperless, Indemnity and Liability Training

Gives insight into your liabilities under the direct debit scheme. Takes in to account the changes in the Indemnity Claims Process that came in to effect on 1st February 2017 and provides a thorough understanding of the Paperless Direct Debit Process.

PTX® Training

PTX Direct Debit Management Training is a one day onsite training course which goes through the PTX system and helps you get to grips with the management of the direct debit process, including compliance and best practice.

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Bottomline Transform Product Training

Introduction to Transform Project Development

Administration of Transform Software

Bespoke Transform training courses

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