Reducing our global footprint

Our corporate sustainability efforts include:

BT currency & payments 97

Electronic payments

Influence customers to conserve 3 lb of paper, 3.8 gal of gas, 119 lb of greenhouse gases and 16 sq ft of forest for every 100 checks
not printed

BT process & representation 121

Low-energy data centers

Optimize power and energy consumption through efficient lighting systems, active airflow management and more

BT personnel 152

Green facilities

Reduce electricity and natural gas usage by prioritizing conservation and recycling or donating excess material to non-profits during remodeling initiatives

Giving back to our community

BT Community Service 1260x706

Our responsibility to the community at large

Being an active participant in our community is a fundamental responsibility and we work hard to ensure that giving back to the communities where our employees work and live and to making the world a better place is a theme that runs throughout our business.

This commitment is exemplified by the number of employees involved in charitable organizations around the world as well as the support we have provided to these organizations over the years. Our commitment is more than a corporate program, it’s part of the people and the culture at Bottomline.

Bottomline's Employee Choice Giving Program

The Bottomline's Employee Choice Giving Program allocates funds to be distributed to charities chosen entirely by our employees and donated on the employee’s behalf.

Bottomline has donated to more than 1,000 different charitable organizations globally through this program.

Employee Choice Charitable Giving 1260x706

We decrease our customers' environmental footprint and save them millions of dollars a year by enabling them to make the switch from paper to electronic.

Bottomline provides software solutions for more than 600,000 corporate entities, 1,400 financial institutions, 250 insurance carriers and 1,500 healthcare organizations across more than 90 countries.

Our solutions help thousands of organizations transition from paper checks to electronic payments, which in and of itself has a significant environmental impact. Our physical locations offer both single-stream recycling and electronic recycling and we continue to improve our environmental footprint by recycling materials during construction and renovation of our properties.

Looking for more details?

Want to learn more about how Bottomline achieves corporate social responsibility and sustainability? Read our report.

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