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Bottomline’s Cyber Fraud and Risk Management Platform

A highly extensible and flexible platform with rapid activation model


“Financial fraud is a cross-channel activity. Fraudsters have no compunction about moving between digital, telephonic, and even traditional paper-based channels to reach their goals.” Source: Gartner [Align Your Financial Fraud Detection Strategy With Gartner’s Capability Model], [Jonathan Care, Tricia Phillips], [July 26, 2017]

Bottomline’s Cyber Fraud and Risk Management solutions are fueled by a singular, innovative, intelligent, and adaptive platform that is built on a foundation of real-time user behavior analytics and intelligent machine learning, infused with deep risk, compliance and payments security expertise.

This market-proven technology delivers real-time cross-channel fraud detection and prevention for even the most complex use cases and powers Bottomline’s comprehensive suite of Secure Payments, Compliance and User Behavioral Analytics solutions. Integrated with rich visualization and forensic tools, Bottomline’s Cyber Fraud and Risk Management platform is trusted by some of the largest corporations and financial institutions in the world.

It empowers security, risk, compliance and investigative teams to:

  • Dramatically improve visibility and reduce risk with cross-channel protection that leverages intelligent machine learning, rules based detection, and behavior profiling
  • Stay ahead of regulations and protocols through technology infused with deep risk and compliance expertise across industries, payments types and applications
  • Easily evolve your payment security program through a highly extensible and flexible platform that advances with your program as needed

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