The challenges Bottomline clients are overcoming in Commercial Banking:

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  • Businesses of all sizes now demand an integrated solution to seamlessly manage their banking, payments and cash management activities. They expect fast, simple, and personalized digital experiences in all their interactions — and your success will be determined by how well you deploy digital technologies to engage more deeply with your customers and translate their data and information into a competitive advantage.
  • Payments and Cash Management capabilities are now table stakes. Bottomline’s commercial banking solutions go much deeper, enabling you to provide an insanely great business banking experience throughout the customer journey — driving retention and cross-sell, relationship growth and profitability, primary bank share, and ultimately long-term franchise value. Your commercial banking transformation starts here.

How Bottomline can help your financial institution

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Become a leader in payment innovation

Effortlessly adopt emerging payment methods, automation and intelligence

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Make faster payments

Use Same Day ACH or real-time payments to send or receive funds rapidly

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Provide best-in-class payment security

Real-time fraud monitoring with no performance lags

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Gain Customer Loyalty

Delight corporate and SMB users through persona-based workflows and an intuitive user interface

Introducing Digital Banking IQ

Digital Banking IQ is a customer-centric digital transformation platform based on the pillars of cash management, payments innovation, rich customer insights and experiences, data connectivity and risk mitigation.

Solutions across the entire business payments spectrum

Bottomline's unique combination of assets creates compelling new value propositions for banks to better serve their customers. From small- and medium-sized businesses to large corporates with multi-bank relationships, improved monetization of low value payments and increased cash visibility can position banks to win the battle for primary relationship ownership and accelerate growth.

Explore the Digital Banking IQ® Solution

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An award-winning commercial banking solution

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For Cash Management Technology

We know a thing or two about what your banking customers want — having helped over 400 North American banks and financial institutions attract and retain over 390,000 commercial customers on our Digital Banking IQ solution.

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Client Success Stories

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