Leaders don’t typically look forward to asking their teams to “do more with less,” but higher ed leaders are having this conversation at colleges and universities across the country as they grapple with resource constraints. The business office is certainly not immune.   

But, this challenge can create an opportunity for positive change, as business office leaders find ways to improve efficiency, prioritize what’s most important, and help the office to work smarter.   

In this 20-minute webinar, hear from Bottomline’s VP of Marketing, Paul McMeekin, who's also a university professor, as he discusses how to look at “doing more with less” through a new lens, seeing it as an opportunity for innovation in the business office. 

Topics will include: 

  • Avoiding staff burnout amidst resource constraints 
  • The crucial role of technology in boosting efficiency    
  • How to use automation wisely, especially Paymode-X AP Automation software
  • Using collaboration to improve how the business office works 

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