Product overview

Our Swift Interface Software allows banks and financial institutions to have a single window overview of high-volume and complex message flows from multiple counter-parties over many different networks and protocols. Our premium solution harmonizes a disparate matrix of formats and protocols, ensuring complete interoperability between legacy, domestic, and XML messaging standards.

The software is comprised of specialized modules for connectivity, message and file management, workflow orchestration, format interoperability, reporting, sanction filtering, exception management, and integration. It delivers exceptional cost-efficient performance flexibility and has recently shown a sustained measured throughput of 3.65 million FIN messages per hour, supporting several high availability and clustering designs for uninterrupted 24x7 service and data accessibility with no single point of failure.

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Benefits and features

Full set of SWIFTNet services: FIN, InterAct, FileAct, Browse, RMA providing comprehensive access to all services offered through SWIFT including inquiry links

Multi-networks, including EBICS, SIC, SECOM, SARIE, FIX (post trade), fax, secure email, Telex and MQ, providing a single window for both international and domestic accesses

Graphical routing and workflow with exit points to easily define multi-level validation, best cost routing to incorporate third party software in the global flows

Internal intra-branch and intra-region message exchanges with acknowledgments (GTNet) to reduce transmission costs

Several high availability design features, including cold back-up and ultra-high cluster availability, mitigating operational risk and ensuring that data is available at any time

Centralization of all message and file flows into one system (enterprise-wide messaging platform)

Dynamic content and event-based routing and workflow

Full message and file management (entry, validation, multiple verifications stages, search, audit trail, etc.) for total business control

Embedded transformation facilities providing full interoperability between a matrix of different formats and protocols

AML facilities to ensure compliance with sanction screening

All MT and ISO 20022 formats (SEPA, Funds, etc.), including meta-data and proprietary XML, to ease integration with existing systems and to access a wide range of market infrastructures

New format standard uploaded as a simple library to reduce the impact of upgrade

Graphical tool to select and propagate the configuration across several instances to ensure a perfect replication between several instances and to avoid time-consuming redundant work

Configurable dashboards, reporting, and alarms to allow users to quickly react on specific events

Full support of SEPA from connectivity to transformation, bulking, unbulking, and individual transaction tracking (via SWIFT FileAct or EBICS) for full compliance with regulations

Full support of SWIFTNet Funds with embedded MT-MX transformation providing a compliance with the SWIFTNet Funds migration

Holistic user interface for message control across multiple instances and data centers for a global control of message flows

Real-time replication across data centers and regions to ensure compliance with the regulations (e.g. Fed white paper) and new requirements in terms of data availability and continuity of service

Highly scalable: from low volume requirements to 3.65 millions messages an hour to cover all types of environments

Open standard (Web UI, Oracle, AIX, Solaris, Linux) to control costs and to leverage the evolution of these standards

SOA architecture and web services for a modern and easy deployment into any infrastructure

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Access to SWIFT is no longer the exclusive domain of the largest corporations. Any company operating in a multibank/ multi-connectivity environment, regardless of size, can now take advantage of SWIFT to streamline communications and create a more efficient payment environment.

SWIFT for Corporates

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