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Paymode-X Rebate and Cost Savings Estimator Tool

Estimate Your Rebates

Paymode-X is a B2B payment network which allows organizations to transition from paper checks to electronic payments quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re looking to decrease printed checks, reduce fraud risk or pay your Vendors faster, Paymode-X is a solution that will positively impact your company.

Gain insight into the financial returns your organization could realize from rebates on electronic payments, including ACH, as well as the cost savings from both labor and hard costs from the conversion of manual to electronic.

With this simple estimator tool, you will be able to confidently evaluate the potential benefit of automating accounts payable payments.

81% of CFOs see accounts payable data as important or critical to financial operations – Ardent Partners, Technology and Innovation Outlook

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See how three organizations revolutionized their AP payment processes with Paymode-X

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Paymode-X: Success by the Numbers

Moving to electronic payments not only leads to greater efficiency in terms of cost, time, and security but also allows for organizations to increase AP automation, savings, and rebates.


Are You Ready to Simplify Your AP Payments?

Paymode-X is a B2B payment network of over 400K members used to transition from paper checks to electronic payments quickly and effectively.

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