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Cyber Fraud & Risk Management – Secure Payments for Digital Banking


Payment fraud is a constant threat, with data compromises leading to financial crime reaching record highs every year. Attacks on payment systems continue to grow regardless of banks and business investing heavily in security measures. Commercial banks are largely unprepared for the more organized strategic and persistent threats of payment fraud.

Banks that have a successful fraud prevention strategy utilize a secure payments solution that screens across the entire attack surface, prevents payment fraud across all business units, and is quick to implement.

Payments fraud hit a record high in 2017, with 78% of organizations affected.

Protect your bank from fraud.

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Moving From “After the Fact” to Fighting Back

It’s time to consider a different approach to fighting treasury fraud. The constant battle of criminals devising new ways to commit fraud and businesses investing in new technologies to stop them has led to a closed door.


Bottomline Digital Banking Intelligent Engagement Platform

It’s time for banks to go beyond offering just reports and facilitate transactions. Customers expect their commercial banks to deliver a superior digital experience based on the latest technology trends – it all starts with an intelligent digital experience.

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