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Invoice Data Capture Service

Quickly convert paper invoices into workflow-ready electronic data

Although technologies for electronic invoice management have been available for more than a decade, nearly 85 percent of all invoices are still printed on paper and distributed by mail. Bottomline's secure, state-of-the-art Transaction Centers are optimized to accept all types of incoming invoices, and provide a cost-effective alternative to simple, in-house document scanning and archiving. Advanced data capture capabilities instantly transform paper invoices into electronic data files that can be fed directly into an invoice management solution.

How is Bottomline's Capture Service Different?
Unlike costly Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) solutions that provide raw document "images," Bottomline's outsourced invoice capture service offers a unique combination of highly-trained technicians and recognition technologies to quickly capture data at the line-item level. This approach delivers the highest possible accuracy rates, eliminating the need to manually re-key data while accelerating overall turnaround time. In addition:

  • Bottomline's Invoice Capture Service accepts any type of incoming invoice and translates it into the data format your business requires. Invoices can be received directly from the supplier via a dedicated PO Box, or via Bottomline's mail room.

  • Bottomline's technology is optimized for successful invoice data capture at both the header and line-item level, including verification against the client's pre-set business rules. Our support staff then validate and repair any items that were omitted or mistakenly extracted by the OCR process. Once the capture and review process are complete, clean electronic invoice files are returned to the client within one business day of receipt, or even more quickly if required.

  • With Bottomline, you only need to communicate a new mailing address to your suppliers in order to begin reaping the benefits of automated invoice capture.

  • Our outsourced service model means there is no upfront capital investment required. Based on a per-transaction pricing model, your cost scales along with your business and budget requirements, supported each step of the way by the industry's best client service guarantee.

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