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Think Green Awards

Bottomline Technologies’ ‘Think Green’ Awards recognize the green initiatives of organizations who are applying Bottomline’s solutions to help reduce the environmental impact of paper-based payment, invoice and other transactional document processes.

Who is Eligible?
If you are a Bottomline customer, and are using one of the company’s solutions for a green-inspired initiative, we’d love to hear from you!

When are Nominations Due?
Nominations for the ‘Think Green’ Awards are accepted on a rolling basis. Winning entries will receive a commemorative award from Bottomline, plus we’ll make a monetary donation to an environmental non-profit organization in your name.

To Submit:
Simply click on the PDF below and return it to Bottomline at For additional information or if you have questions, please contact Stephanie McCarthy, Corporate Marketing Manager, at 603-501-5477.

Think Green Nomination Form (Bottomline Customers)
- Think Green Nomination Form (Bottomline Partners)

Green Savings Calculator
Use Bottomline's Green Savings Calculator to find out how much 'greener' your payment, invoice and transactional document processes can become. Calculate.
Thinking Green
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