Customer delight is the foundation
of our business.

It leads our guiding principles. It defines our innovation to address new opportunities and solve real problems now, anticipating ones that customers don't even know they'll have. It drives who and how we hire to create world-class products and experiences that help businesses and financial institutions pay and get paid.

Bottomline is at the forefront of making complex business payments simple, smart and secure. We help thousands of companies in 92 countries around the world.

At our core we share ideas, innovate together and support each other personally and professionally. It is through our guiding principles that we achieve our common goal of exceeding expectations and delighting customers.





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Our guiding principles

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Delight customers

Customer delight is at the heart of who we are. It informs all we do from bringing product innovation to our customers before they ask for it (or think of it) to making sure every interaction exceeds their expectations.

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Do the right thing

In every interaction and at every opportunity our compass is simple - do the right thing.

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Innovate, communicate,
win and grow

We foster an environment that encourages open communication among all levels of our team by encouraging team members to lead from where they stand and be a role model regardless of title or seniority.

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Work with and for each other

We know we can’t do it alone. The best ideas, innovations and solutions come from creative minds coming together, teams that feel supported and celebrated and rally around one another to create great work.

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Be a company of which
all can be proud

We are proud of the work we do for our customers, the environment we create for our team, the support we provide for our communities and the value we create for our shareholders.

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Create and grow sustained
business value

Our business model and plan are designed to grow the business and its value for years and decades to come.

Join our team

Everybody makes a difference. Everybody plays
a part.

We believe that culture is more than just a corporate statement on a website and that Guiding Principles are more than just a plaque on a wall. Culture is something we cultivate - we all own and create each day and it is an important key to our success.

We look for passionate people to join our team who are committed to delighting our customers no matter their role and who want to work hard, with passionate, interesting and committed people. We have created an environment where we foster growth and innovation, where our people are encouraged to be brave and curious and we all work to communicate, innovate, win and grow each day.

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Our responsibility to do good

We are proud of the broader impact our company has on our communities and the planet.

A global citizen supports its communities and planet in many important ways. At its core, the digital transformation of business payments has a significant and positive environmental impact. We support charities in our communities around the globe that make a difference.

We're proud of what's been accomplished so far. We strive to be a positive force for good, making a difference every day.

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