Bottomline's fraud and financial crime management solution for Insider Fraud protection ‘sniffs’ networks and prepares data for user behaviour analysis. Download our guide to Insider Fraud to discover how Bottomline can help you to:

Reduce fraud losses and data theft from insider fraud

Become proactive in protecting your brand and assets with user behaviour analytics

Comply with government regulations that require complete audit trail and privacy protection

Hold all users accountable for all activity with insider threat management

Deter potential fraudulent users who will know that their actions are being recorded and analysed.

By leveraging pre-packaged rules, alerts and reports based on more than 200 deployments worldwide, you can start stopping insider fraud, with minimal effort and implementation. Download our guide to find out more.

Why it matters?

With 78% of insider fraud and data theft carried out by authorised users employing simple, legitimate commands to manipulate systems and data.


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