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Form creation, delivery, and output management

Automate the design, distribution, and storage of transactional documents and data—all tightly integrated to your ERP and SharePoint applications.

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The Challenge

Working with pre-printed forms and checks is costly and inefficient. Using IT and custom coding to modify and create forms and reports is expensive and time-consuming.

Our Solution

Bottomline's document output management solutions enable you to simplify the design, distribution, and customization of your reports at a fraction of the cost of typical custom report design. Our solutions help you get up and running fast. With minimal training and technical skills, users are empowered to create, edit, enhance, and distribute branded documents that can be shared from virtually any device anywhere.

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  • Reduce time and costs associated with going-live. Many customers reduce implementation time by over 50%, as well as reduce the time to customize and modify internal reports and forms from days to hours.
  • Empower users with powerful and intuitive report design tools. Previews with real data make design simple.
  • Save, distribute, and output reports to SharePoint in real time to more seamlessly exchange information and drive better business processes.
  • Enhance your reports with branding and eliminate the need for costly pre-printed forms.
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Whether you need a straightforward solution to bring reports to life, or a fully distributed report management system; our solutions have you covered. They can scale from basic check printing and forms design to addressing complex requirements with multi-server collaboration, broader international support, and advanced workflow controls. All have the ability to separate report administration, design, and production rights.


  • Powerful and intuitive report design tools with live data previews
  • Output sharing to virtually any device
  • Rules-based output driven from customer/vendor/supplier requirements
  • Power to save, distribute, and output reports to SharePoint in real time
  • Ability to format and incorporate branded content into reports
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Customer Testimonials

"John Sands has been using the Bottomline products (previously Optio) since 1999. It has streamlined our business dramatically over the years where it has almost eliminated any need to print documents by making use of automation processes such as email and FAX. All our documents are archived on a central server and are quickly and easily accessible by local and remote staff."
David White, Senior Infrastructure Administrator, John Sands

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