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A public cloud is where you rent storage and processing power, instead of using your own servers.

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The Hybrid cloud is a mixture between on-premises solutions and private/public cloud technology. The private cloud may be used for sensitive data, whilst organisations can still take advantage of the public cloud.

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Unlike a public cloud, a private cloud is dedicated and controlled by a single user and the resources aren’t shared.

Here we’ve put together a helpful guide with pointers to consider when building your business case for migrating to the cloud.

Simple User Experience

Business Continuity

Any impact to the end customer can impact their trust and your organisation's reputation.

How can cloud solutions help?

Managed cloud technology, which means using an experienced cloud partner, rather than having to have the experience, resource and assets in-house can take the pain out of having physical solutions on-premises. A few of the benefits include the technical experience that the partner can provide and address the resource challenges that organisations can find themselves in if an employee leaves, creating an immediate gap with specialised knowledge needs that can be difficult to fill, which is more prevalent than ever with the news stories around ‘the great resignation’.

Typically, the partner you select to manage your cloud solutions will have contingencies in place, such as multiple data centers, should something untoward happen to ensure no impact on the end client. Having contingencies in place for on-premises solutions can be tricky, not to mention costly.


It takes precision planning when you have physical servers and need to scale up or down.

How can cloud solutions help?

Gone are the lengthy and costly processes to order more servers. With cloud solutions, you purchase more capacity via your partner without planning for future use years in advance.

The agility and flexibility that cloud solutions provide organisations mean that they can roll out software updates, key changes to existing offerings and add new products quickly and easily, helping to increase the bottom line.

Highly Scalable
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Cost efficiencies

On the surface, there’s the perception that cloud solutions are more costly, but what is the true cost of not using the cloud?

How can cloud solutions help?

When creating your business plan, you need to weigh up the specialist resource, time to scale, ability to introduce new changes and products, 24x7x365 availability to name a few. By reviewing the total cost of ownership (TCO), you can calculate the cost benefits for your organisation over time.

Data Privacy & Regulations

Every company and country is different regarding rules and regulations, so make sure you’re in the know.

How can cloud solutions help?

Protect the privacy of your organisations data by hosting only the minimal information you need in the cloud and anonymise or remove records with Personal Identifiable Information (PII). This can help protect your organisation and minimise access to sensitive data, whilst ensuring you get the best of what cloud technology has to offer.

Regarding regulations, there can be challenges in specific countries about hosting data outside of that country, so it's best to check the rules and assess the risk and compliance issues that can impact your organisation.

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