Our integrated Data & Analytics solution delivers a holistic data experience offering real time insights through cutting-edge data visualisation and powerful Machine Learning predictions. We help our customers reduce costs, mitigate risks, and to make more informed business decisions through two key value areas:

  • Operational Efficiency:  forecast flows, increase automation, improve visibility and control
  • Business Insights: predict and track key indicators, benchmark performance, highlight compliance risk


"Bottomline's Universal Aggregator IQ has provided an opportunity for us to improve operational resilience, overcome regulatory compliance challenges and scale up quickly to address evolving changes in the market."

- Narongrit Promfai, Vice President - Investment/ Core Banking System, Kiatnakin Phatra Bank

Data & Analytics

The financial industry is facing an unprecedented number of changes, with new payments methods flourishing everywhere. This is driving to new customer expectations and new behaviours which are impacting the back-office of banks and corporate: speed, visibility, predictability, and control are now some of the key elements to achieve not only cost reduction, risks mitigation and compliance, but also to meet new customer expectations in order to generate new revenue streams and to grow the business.

But how to identify quickly a change in behaviour in order to adapt accordingly? how to forecast an increased usage of a new rail, giving enough time to build new services ? How to identify cost effective route? How to point out recurring anomalies and time-consuming processes? How to predict the volume of a network change to prepare for operational readiness ? 

This is where our Data & Analytics solution can help your organisation; by leveraging the transactions data that we processed every day on your behalf, we can provide you with an enhanced visualisation highlighting key operational indicators and business insights. On-demand and in real time.

Data are used for your sole needs only, under your strict consent, and meeting all the data protection rules and regulations.

Message Analytics

User-friendly interface to visualise, benchmark and predict financial transaction flows in real time

Data Analytics diagram.png


ML-powered Forecasting:

Predict key metrics for operational preparedness

Advanced Filtering:

Break down of messaging components (network, message types, correspondents, originating applications)


Compare against global metrics

Real time updates:

Have insights at your fingertips from the moment the messages are processed

Priority Insights:

Highlight anomalies and trends to show what’s important

Universal Aggregator IQ

Universal Aggregator IQ

Single SaaS API enabled platform for payments, securities and messaging

Payments and Cash Aggregator

Payments and Cash Aggregator

Cash Positioning, Liquidity Management

Securities Aggregator

Securities Aggregator

Securities Management & Settlement (SRD II & CSDR)

Messaging and Connectivity Aggregator

Messaging and Connectivity Aggregator

Part of a messaging ecosystem that offers aggregated services for message processing, monitoring and interconnection of global networks & schemes and direct bank connectivity

Fraud and Financial Crime Management

Fraud and Financial Crime Management

CoP, Watchlist Screening, SWIFT CSP, Internal Fraud



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