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UK Business Payments Barometer 2018


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Revealing key insights on the current state of UK business payments, the latest results from Bottomline’s industry-leading 2018 Payments Barometer are now available.

Evaluating the latest trends and industry initiatives impacting businesses across the UK, this essential annual index highlights the challenges financial decision-makers face from changes in the payment landscape, including upcoming regulations, late payer ethic and fraud risks.

Read the 2018 UK Business Payments Barometer to uncover:

  • How Brexit and payment fraud rank as drivers for change in 2018?
  • What percentage of business is unable to recover half of fraud losses?
  • Why 50% of corporates pay their suppliers late?

Key 2017 highlights included:

  • The need for greater security was the greatest single driver of change in 2017, with a 138% increase in concern of internal fraud
  • 45% of small to medium businesses claimed slow payer ethic as their greatest payment challenge
  • 1 in 2 decision makers were unaware if they’d been impacted by payment fraud!

Key 2016 highlights included:

  • Security and innovation were top drivers for change in 2016.
  • 1 in 2 decision makers believed revenue had been negatively impacted by financial fraud
  • 58% stated a lack of systems integration and reliable data inhibited cash flow visibility and forecasting

Find out how the 2018 Payment Barometer compares by downloading this year’s index.

Greater security was marked the greatest single driver of change in 2017. Compare this year’s results with the 2017 Payments Barometer

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This annual index focuses on the security of business payments, and highlights industry trends and initiatives impacting UK organisations of all sizes and across all industries. The research also showcases how UK corporates are responding to innovation and regulation changes within the UK payments landscape.

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