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Financial messaging compliance

Strengthen global payment fraud detection and prevention. Ensure compliance with the SWIFT Customer Security Programme as well as other regulatory mandates.

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The Challenge

The sophistication and frequency of global payment fraud is growing, with increasing compliance pressures from both SWIFT and other regulators. The need to protect your organisation as well as ensure compliance with SWIFT security guidelines and other regulations has never been more critical.

Our Solution

Bottomline provides a suite of financial messaging services to address both fraud and compliance risk. From real-time fraud analytics, multi-factor authentication, and sanctions screening to services that harmonise legacy data with mandatory formats and standards, Bottomline delivers proven and trusted fraud prevention and compliance assurance for the world’s most demanding global enterprises.

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Research Report

Strategic Treasurer: Treasury Fraud & Controls 2017 Report

White Paper

Understanding SWIFT CSP

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Bottomline’s comprehensive financial messaging solutions create risk and compliance advantages for global enterprises:

  • Proactively identifies threats
  • Reduces payment fraud, compliance, and systemic risk
  • Improves operational transparency and efficiency
  • Facilitates readiness for regulatory assurance audits
  • Exceeds mandatory security controls for detection and response within the SWIFT Customer Security Programme
  • Enables SWIFT, SEPA and EMIR compliance
  • Protects market share by providing brand and reputational security
reputational security
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Integrated real-time sanctions screening across a spectrum of black and watch-lists


Bottomline offers a comprehensive portfolio of risk, fraud and compliance solutions for financial messaging. Available either individually or combined, these fully integrated modular services provide a full range of regulatory assurance and risk management services.

  • Real-time SWIFT fraud and security threat detection with automated transaction blocking
  • Advanced multi-factor authentication of connectivity software users
  • Integrated real-time sanctions screening across a spectrum of black and watch-lists
  • Filtering of any type of format, both SWIFT and non-SWIFT
  • Filtering of individual messages as well as file of bulked transactions
  • Ability to scan inflight payments or pre-scan earlier in the lifecycle
  • Customised watch-list selection, with primary sanctions data covering main 25 global watch-lists (total coverage for US, EU, UK, UN, etc.)
  • Additional sub-lists from Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, China, Switzerland, and Luxembourg also available
  • Global sanctions watch-lists automatically updated every 8-hours or managed by the customers
  • KYC bulk and individual filtering and reporting solutions
  • Bottomline sanction filtering solution in partnership with Dow Jones
  • ISAE3000 certified data gathering process, which is also reviewed by Deloitte
  • Best-in-class format transformation services providing fully certified SEPA compliance solution
  • Multi-network compliance architecture, incorporating SWIFT, FIX, SIC, SECOM, SARIE, and other proprietary networks
  • Solutions able to be redundant across several distant datacentres, compliant with leading white-papers such as the Fed white-paper and Basel III recommendations
  • Full range of SWIFT compliance services (FIN, InterAct, FileAct, RMA, etc)
  • EMIR derivative compliance trade repository reporting generation
  • EMIR OTC risk management adherence for operational processes and margining
  • Secure, audited, and trusted global cloud platform
  • Consolidated multi-bank, multi-currency cash management for intra-day liquidity reporting obligations
  • Intuitive dashboard interface for total transparency and control to mitigate operational risks
  • On-demand access to the entire Bottomline GTSuite portfolio, incorporating full data integration, reconciliation, cash management, forecasting, transformation, and market data management

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