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Financial messaging for securities

Gain access to securities networks including SWIFT, FIX, and SECOM and reconcile securities holdings and transactions. Manage and create golden copy for market data and corporate actions.

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The Challenge

Financial institutions face continuing challenges arising from market volatility and tighter regulatory and risk compliance regimes. As a bank, asset manager, financial institution, or custodian company, you need to reduce cost and improve operational efficiency by overcoming the traditional segmentation of asset-class silos that burden the management of securities.

Our Solution

Our solution provides enterprise-wide securities data management and powerful transformation services including global interoperability, agnostic network access, reconciliation incorporating all asset class data types, and consolidated visibility. Together this dramatically reduces costs, improves operational efficiency, reduces errors and risk, and ensures effective regulatory compliance.

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Our comprehensive and modular solution for the securities market provides:

Risk mitigation

  • Reduce the number of errors and failed trades thanks to multi-provider market data cleansing, matching, filtering, and golden copy creation

Improved operational efficiency

  • Centralise the securities master file that deals with any type of market data including OTC and proprietary assets
  • Automate corporate actions processing
  • Access all types of network, both SWIFT and non-SWIFT, with a network and format agnostic solution
  • Provide global interoperability between new mandatory XML message formats and current proprietary standards (e.g. SWIFTNet Funds)

Cost reduction

  • Control costs and optimise market data subscriptions
  • Achieve fast ROI through increased automation and ease of operation
  • Mutualise market data across applications and branches
  • Enable the redeployment of resources to concentrate on business growth and revenue generation
comprehensive and modular solution for the securities market
Anchor: Functionality
Automatic acquisition, filtering, cleansing, and comparison of all market data


  • Off-the-shelf access to market data provider networks with full decoding of the data (e.g. Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, WMDaten, SIX Telekurs, etc.)
  • Automatic acquisition, filtering, cleansing, and comparison of all market data flows including proprietary data
  • Automation of corporate actions management, scheduling, and reconciliation
  • Configurable dashboards to ease control
  • Browser-based interfaces to provide easy visibility across the enterprise
  • Rapid workflow, connection, and transformation services providing easy integration with existing legacy enterprise systems
  • Off-the-shelf access to financial networks (SWIFT, FIX, domestic networks)
  • Reconciliation and exception management of securities holding and transactions (SWIFT Certified Application - Reconciliation 2014)
  • Off-the-shelf MT-MX mapping for SWIFTNet Funds (SWIFT Ready Certified 2014)

Customer Testimonials

"GROUPAMA AM has chosen market data solution from Bottomline after a selection process where several vendors where invited. The Bottomline solution was the best fit for our requirements thanks to its robustness, its scalability, and the business expertise of the Bottomline Team."
Serge Mervaud, Director Support Activities, GROUPAMA AM

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